Got my black Hippie......

  1. I think I'm in the minority but I think I like it better than the Ali! I love the way it fits over my body or I can shorten it and make it a longer shoulder bag. I really, really like it!

    I actually think I'm going to put the black Ali back on eBay and get the Hippie in Brown, Whisky or Natural.

    I like that it's smaller because I don't carry alot. It's just really convienent I think. I'm going to compare again when the Ali gets here but I think I'm likeing the Hippie better. Weird.
  2. The hippie is just an awesome bag! It's got the same style of the ali but the crossbody is great for being hands free! Are you going to post any modeling pics so people can see how cool it is?
  3. The Hippie really is a great bag. It is just a wee bit small for me, but that's OK, as it forces me to carry less. Oh, and if you can find a way to hold it, you can double the strap over to make it a shoulder bag instead of a cross-body bag!
  4. Wow Bethie! I'm glad you found something that works well for you!!
  5. I hate pictures of myself, LOL! That's why I haven't posted any. I do believe though that I will be keeping the Hippie. It's just more practical for me especially with a baby on the way!
  6. I am so jealouw! I have been using the white hippie I got at an outlet all summer so far and I love it! I was hoping for a black one for winter but all I see are the whiskey ones.
    Did you get yours at the outlet?
  7. I love my black hippie!! Congrats!! i'm glad you love it too!!
  8. Congrats! The black Hippie is a great bag!!
  9. I got it on eBay! There are a few fait stains where the black folds over the legacy stripes that I'm going to work on this weekend. It might just come right back since the black leather sits on it all the time but I'm still going to try.

    I'm terrified of this bag in white. I'm so scared I would get it dirty.

    I'm looking at the Whisky or the Natural for my next bag.
  10. i returned my whiskey hippie this spring... but now really want a black one! i do love the white legacy leather seems to not scratch nearly as much as my whiskey shoulder bag.... anyone know if JAX still has any hippies?
  11. Congrats!

    I got a white Hippie, but I'm going to be getting rid of her. Very beautiful, but I'm in lust with my Alis. They fit me and my lifestyle so much better.
  12. Yes, do post modeling pics!
  13. The hippie is a great bag! Post pictures of her please.