Got my Black City yesterday & had some questions?

  1. Hey All,

    My black city arrived yesterday and it is pretty...but I have some questions.

    First, it is very veiny on the front, which is fine and it doesn't bother me, but I did notice the leather is on the thin side, vs the heavier feeling Truffle Brwn I looked at in the store. 1) Is this normal or does it just vary from bag to bag or color to color? I know you have mentioned the various different leather used for the different season, it was just curious.

    While this bag is new, I had it's B tags taken off the bag & placed in the inside pocket and looked as though it was a bag bought by someone else previously and then returned probably for the veiny markings?

    3. Sshould I guard it with a leather protector?

    4.) Do you girls take off the mirror thing?,

  2. - The tags are usually in the pockets, don't worry about that
    - I am trying to decide what I want to do with my mirror, I don't use it and it gets in the way and swings around so I'm tempted to remove it, but then it's also what makes the bag distinct and I think well I never know when I'll need it. And storing it in the pocket takes up room I want for other things
    - It's black so I decided to not condition/guard it
    - Every single bag is different in regards to leather
  3. ^^ Agree totally.

    I always take my mirror off and store it in the dustbag. I never use it.
  4. Me too. The mirror just gets in the way.
  5. Thanks girls! I think I will taking the mirror off too, as I think it will just be a hassle to leave on there! Also, the leather is very soft and yummy, it little more thin compared to the Dark Brown one I felt at NM's, but still very nice. I am not so picky when it comes to thins like that, so I will keep her and give her a good home.!
  6. I stick the mirror in the front pocket, and let the tassels hang out and mingle with the pocket-zipper tassels. But I'm weird like that.

    The leather does vary from season to season and from bag to bag. The first time I saw Balenciagas IRL I couldn't understand what there was to like about them, because they were really thin and ultra-distressed. Then I learned that they aren't all like that...

    Congrats on your new friend!
  7. I take the tassle off the mirror and keep it as an extra (as I tend to buy my bags used, and none of them came with extra tassles), and keep the mirror in the inside pocket, which I really don't use for anything else. This way I have a mirror in every bag - which is a big deal since I hop from one bag to another.
  8. i hang the me it looks cuter that way, also it gives a little something extra to the bag (tho too much tassles going on already, i like it messy looking haha)
  9. I take my mirror off, it gets in the way when I try to zipper.. The leather does vary depending on the bag and color..Make sure you see at least a few of the same styles and color side by side.
  10. My 06 Black Shopping isn't evenly veined all over - the leather will vary.

    I always condition and spray all my bags before using them and then periodically afterwards.

    The mirrors for my bags go into the same envelopes that the tags and extra tassels are stored in.

  11. Plus if you were to keep you mirror in your bag and it broke, your bbag would loose some of its value if you ever decided to resale it.:shame: