Got my black Chloe Bay Bag for my birthday! Questions....

  1. hey guys

    Just got my bay bag like this one in black:

    Had anyone seen them anywhere/ on any sites? They don't seem to be around much.

    They are the small ones with removable strap. Got mine on sale in NY- it is quite small but it suits me.

    Anyway I am wondering if anyone else's handle sticks out a bit when they where the strap. Hope it will soften!
  2. Don't have a bay - but yours is lovely!
  3. Congrats on the new bag!!!
  4. I fondled a Bay at NR over the weekend. The leather is awesomely soft and supple!
  5. Don't have this one but my Tekla is of a similar style. I would say that the handles do get softer so they do not stick out. Try to kinda bend them a little to soften them up.

    The Bay is lovely. Congrats!
  6. Lol "fondled"!

    Meanwhile I'm not much for the normal bay but I love the quilted. How is it soft and structured at the same time? I'm so confused.
  7. Based on the ones I saw at NM several months ago, the quilted bay is soft on the outside, but because of the two outer pockets with zippers it doesn't slouch in the middle (like paddy's do) altho because of its height, the bay may bend over a bit when empty. (I think)To me, the Bay is structured like a really soft and squishy red Edith I'd gotten - expecially since it's rectangular in shape. Does anyone else agree?
  8. Hi girls
    Mine is very soft and just lovely, but there frame keeps it structured... when
    I wear the handles, it's perfectly structured/ symetrical. But when I use the shoulder strap, as it is attached to the diagonal points of the bag, it does go a little off centre but only I (and maybe a few of you girls, would notice!)
    I am really happy with it now.
    Mine is like this one:
  9. It's awfully cute and the bag appears quite fuctional as well. A winning combination! A hearty congratulations.
  10. I think I know what you mean about the slouching??? But what I do know is that this is one cool bag! Congrats!
  11. thanks girls, i love it!