Got my BE TMA in Petrol today...

  1. But, I'm not in love with it!

    I'm so sad. I thought I was going to love it, but I don't, and I really don't know why. I think that I just like the LM and the SM styles better. Maybe I got carried away with the sale price!

    I think I will return it to Muse Ten and exchange it for something. Any suggestions?
  2. If you love the petrol color, I think Museten has a Stroke me coming in. Or just order a Love Me or LMM in a different color
    Sorry you arent happy....definitely return it if you dont love it
  3. So sorry somewhere out there is your perfect bag. Good luck
  4. I started off with a TMA too but it wasn't love for me either...I did recently get a black crash LM though and that ended up being the perfect style for me. What was it exactly that you didn't really like? Maybe that can narrow down what style you might like best. FWIW, you will definitely find one...there's a nice variety to choose from. :drool:
  5. Thanks guys....

    Glamourgirlpink, I just don't think the style looks that good on me. I mean, it's a great bag, but for some reason I'm not excited about it. I do love the color though.

    I think when I return it I will get a LM in black crash. I actually dont have any black bags at the moment, and reading all of the posts about the black crash has me convinced it must be the one! That...or the fuschia lmm or lm, or the apple green hm, or a sm in petrol......................list goes on!
  6. definitely return it if you don't love it...try to find something that you can't live without!
  7. Ditto - return it to MT and get the LM in black crash!!! i have a charm me in black crash that i got from the sale and although i never thought it would happen, i truly LOVE the bag! The leather is just so awesome, durable yet supple and chic - enough flair to punk up a straight black bag but not to rocker chic to be out of place in the work place, kwim??? i use my CM as my work bag and get a TON of compliments every time! Especially against the fuschia lining, it's just so gorgeous!
  8. Thanks for the advice all! Just a quick question about the black the leather soft to touch? I did like the CM style for work...but I don't see it there anymore. I do love the LM style. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise! :smile:
  9. i know what you mean riley, at first i really liked TMA but then the more i saw it/thought about it the more i realised it just wasn't for me.

    i know that you will find something you love though, better to return the wrong bag in exchange for the right one than to be forever unhappy!
  10. Sorry you didn't love your TMA. There is something about that bag that I am not in love with either. I say get the LM. I love my LM. It is soooo stylish and practical. The petrol is such a pretty color, i just love staring at it LOL
  11. Aw rileyroow I'm sorry it wasn't for you, I'm sure that was hugely disappointing. But, the bright side is that you can return it for something that you DO love!
  12. I love my petrol TMA- I'm sorry that you don't care for yours. :shrugs: I never wear the shoulder strap so I like it better, and the longer I carried it next to me-the softer the leather got.
  13. I am sorry that you don't like it. I definitely think you should return it if you don't love it. I just got my chocolate SM today and while I love it and think the color is amazing this size just to big on my small frame.
  14. Sorry to hear you don't love it but I'm sure they'll be other BE bags you'll love.