Got my bargain Lily - not so sure....

  1. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful bag!!! But.. I actually think it's TOO big & that's alot coming from me!

    I think it's the double compartment that's throwing me off... not sure if even all of my stuff will fill it up.

    I'll give it a test drive one day this week but I'm seriously considering re-selling it on eBay. I'm really sad though! I wanted to love it so much but I just don't...:s
  2. The Lily is being made in a smaller version for relaease sometime in Nov/Dec. Why don't you return this Lily to your store and wait for the smaller version which might be more suitable for you. Good luck whatever you decide.
  3. Great idea!!:tup:
  4. I purchased it, gently used, from eBay. So my only route will be returning it to Ebay. I think I may run over to the boutique at lunch & take a look at the Bleekers. If I don't like them, I think I may be going on a self-imposed ban for awhile. I've got to stop this merry-go-round of trying to find 'The Bag'!!!!
  5. Wow.. I so hear ya' on that one!!!! :wtf: I have done the same thing so many times and I have been burned quite a few times just because the bag wasn't my style or something else wasn't for me, so I end up losing money. I hope you can find a bag that suits you..and it sounds like you got quite a deal, so hopefully you can make money on this!!! :tup:
  6. I bought Lily with my PCE and it arrived last week. I was so stoked to see it in person, and felt like I was ho hum about it considering the price. I haven't even taken all of that paper off it or anything. How long do I have to return it, does anyone know?
  7. I have to say when I first got my Lily I was stunned by the size, but I love her!! I don't even come close to filling her up, but I honestly don't care! If you aren't loving her resell her definately!!
    I know how you feel! You want to be super psyched about a bag and then to be ho hum about it stinks! I'm taking my clay gigi back for the same reason! I love the color but I'm not loving the bag as a whole...
  8. You have no time limit on returns. The item must be new and you must have the receipt to return for your money back. Think about it for a while and then decide if you want to take it back.
  9. So please tell me - is it confirmed that Lily is coming out in a smaller size later this year? I just got the Legacy Shoulder in Clay and while I LOOOVE it, I'm still debating whether I would love it so much after it gets dinged up...and that shade shows EVERYTHING! Has anyone seen a pic or know the dimensions of the smaller Lily, and what colors it'll come in, or even the price?? Please??
  10. The smaller Lily will be out in November sometime. The style No. is 11625 and the price
    will be $768.
  11. Ooh, thanks for the info Liz! I just called Coach with that style number, and unfortunately they said it won't be out until FEBRUARY!! :crybaby: BUT - she did give me this info: Dimensions will be 9" x 12" x 6", which is a lot smaller than the current Lily. No info on colors, though...but if it's part of Spring (which she said) maybe there'll be other nice shades!

    So, wait for the new Lily, or just use my new Clay shoulder bag? uh oh.....maybe there'll be another PCE around then and I can get it!
  12. Thanks Liz! I ordered the whiskey from PCE but returned it because it had little black spots all over the leather. It looked like somebody took a black pen and put dots all over it.:wtf: I love my atlantic, she's a keeper but a smaller size will be nice!:yes:
  14. Oh, I did ask about the shoulder bag in other colors and they told me there was nothing new listed. Oh well - I think I'm keeping her in Clay! The Lily can be my new obsession come February...:graucho:
  15. I haven't seen anything about the new Lily or the raisin color but I will certainly be looking! Both sound yummy!!