Got my 'BagHook' today, would you be embarressed to use it?

  1. I recently had to put my new Chloe Quilted Bay on the floor :push: (I did put my scarf under it) but still it wasn't good. So I ordered a bag hook, it sits on the edge of the table and u hang r bag off of it. It came today and my DH says he thinks i'll be embarressed to use it in a resturant or whatever.

    Would you?:confused1:
  2. I use a bag hook for years now and I was quite often asked where I got it from. I bought on vacation in Spain and I love it!
  3. I often put my bag in my lap when at a restaurant...but now that Im getting some larger bags, that wont be an option. I would probably use one if I was worried about sitting my bag on the floor but Id be prepared for some looks from people thinking Im crazy lol
  4. I think you're going to get the opposite reaction. My sister uses her bag hook all the time and people love it. Everyone wants to know where she got it.

    A bizarre side note... She was using the bag hook at a bar recently and someone actually stole it from her! The person carefully placed her handbag on a stool and ran off with the hook. So strange! Good thing they are so inexpensive. She had to go buy another hook the next day.
  5. Well you learn something new every day. I always sling mine over the corner of the chair. This sounds better.
  6. Gosh no! I use mine all the time (I actually have several) and I'm constantly being asked where I got it. Wait staff in particular think it's fabulous and I can practically guarantee the people around me will ask about it too :smile:
  7. I'm been meaning to get one! So to answer your question, no I definitely won't be embarrassed. I refuse to put my handbags on the floor so I always have to get another chair for it, which doesn't work in crowded restaurants (my bf things it's hilarious that I baby my bags so much)!
  8. I bought my bag hooks yesterday and I already can't live w/o them! hahaha Use 'em!! Don't let your gorgeous bag sit on the nasty floor!!! :p
  9. I usually try to hang my bag over the chair, but sometimes that is not an option. I would love to have a bag hook. If anyone gave me a strange look, I wouldn't really care. Where can I find one?
  10. honestly i would be embarrassed :p
    i never put my bags on the floor though, i always put it on my back at the chair or my lap.
  11. I'm not embarrassed at all. I bought a Purse Hook from Walgreens for $9.99 thanks to a post from another TPF'er. It was a pack of two (one silver, one gold each with a little jewel on top) in a velvet pouch. It stays in my purse and I don't hesitate to whip it out. It's a life saver and a great invention.
  12. Not at all! The only reason that I don't use it more often is that frequently it's more convenient for me to hang my bag off the back of my chair. Sometimes the chairs around the table are so close together that there isn't room for my purse to hang off the table edge.
  13. I love the idea of them and I would love to have one. I actually saw a woman using one when I was in Spain and I though it was so cool. I know what you mean about being embarrassed but actually think I would be more embarrassed of what my family would say than the people I don't know. My family would probably make fun of me, my mom and sis just throw their bags on the floor.:shocked: On the other hand I treat my bags like gold and I obsess over them and them getting dirty
  14. I didn't even know that bag hooks existed! What do they look like, any pictures? I always hang my bag on the back of my chair...
    Regina :smile:
  15. I'd also like to know where one gets one of these. Are there any online shops for this?