Got my bag from Bicester

  1. Hello Ladies

    Well after a very successful trip to Bicester on Thursday I got the most beautiful Bayswater in a pinky red (radish) in glove leather. It was a toss up between the Khaki Darwin but the red one got there in the end. The shop assistants were lovely and the young man helped me try loads of bags and didn't mind at all that I spent over an hour in there.

    Unfortunately I can't put a photo on here as the bag is snuggly wrapped up at my parents house waiting for Santa to deliver it. I tried to bring it home but as they paid for it (yes I know how spoilt am I) my dad insisted on it staying.

    I was in my element in the shop (my dad said he'd never seen anyone so happy - he is a patient man and my mother has trained him well in the art of shopping LOL) and have my eye on three other bags!!!

    There were quite a few Rosemary's left and some wonderful Antony messenger bags for £135 in black and oak.

    As soon as I get my bag I will post a photo.

  2. Congratulations - what a lovely shopping trip! - and so nice to have the anticipation of getting your bag at xmas! my bayswater is also snuggly wrapped up waiting for santa to deliver it!!! By the way your Dad sounds great!
    What other bags are you now eyeing up?
  3. OOOH, lucky gal you are! The idea of being set loose with all those Mulberrys! And the price on the Anthonys... Wow. You will love your handbag all the more for the wait. At least you got to pick out exactly what you wanted. That's nice! Now you really can't wait for Christmas!
  4. Mmm-Antony bags £135 hey! are these good for everyday bags.
    I need a bag that I don`t have to worry about so to speak.
    I have a midnight mabel , but always so worried that its going to get scratched or wet.
    What Is a good every day Mulberry bag that you don`t have to worry to much about.
  5. That sounds lovely - what a nice day you must have had. Did you notice if they had any Bayswaters or Mabels in Chocolate brown, or black or oak?

    Bet you can't wait for Christmas now!
  6. They had a couple of oak tooled Bayswaters and one chocolate and tan with interesting bead embelishments. There was one mini mabel in a gorgeous red that appealed but I didn't see any others.

    Hope this helps