Got my baby/mini Chloe Paddy in Canelle from Diabro

  1. I just got my baby paddy in Cannelle from Diabro today and I'm so sad. I really don't like the color much. I guess I should have gone with my intial feeling of the muscade, even though I already have the classic paddy in muscade. Canelle has more of a pinky tone to me. Does anyone agree with that? I wish Diabro had a return policy. I guess I'll have to figure out another way:crybaby:
  2. the best thing to do is probably to post it on eBay.
  3. Yeah, already did. But it just sucks because I was so excited to receive it and was soooo disappointed with the color:crybaby:. But I love the cuteness of it, its so small.

  4. I'm sorry that you don't like that color.. and I can imagine how you feel..:sad:
  5. thanks for your sympathy. I know that some of you can appreciate the feeling when the bag is not what you were expecting.
  6. Aw I'm sorry the colour didn't work out... you should def sell it and get the colour you love!
  7. That is such a bummer!!

    But definitely sell it and apply the funds towards something you love if you aren't 100% happy with it.
  8. Its on its way back to Japan:yahoo:. So I'll be getting another mini paddy soon. Just can't decide on a color now.
  9. YAY!! woohoo. that's super super good news
  10. Did you return it? I thought i saw your auction already? LOL have you asked to swap the colour?
  11. yep, its on its way back, I sent it out this afternoon. I asked if they could swap the color, I just didn't tell them what color yet. I like ssangit's argent, but the argent on Diabro doesn't look the same as hers. Do you have any suggestions?
  12. Yes the argent is super cute - but you may want to see it in different lightings before making a final decision.

    You can always stick with muscade.

    I love the silver baby paddy as well - it always looks awesome and I dont think it would really show much wear.