Got my baby/mini Chloe Paddy in Canelle from Diabro

  1. I just got my baby paddy in Cannelle from Diabro today and I'm so sad. I really don't like the color much. I guess I should have gone with my intial feeling of the muscade, even though I already have the classic paddy in muscade. Canelle has more of a pinky tone to me. Does anyone agree with that? I wish Diabro had a return policy. I guess I'll have to figure out another way:crybaby:
  2. Don't despair! :crybaby:The canelle grows on you. I didn't like it at first when I saw it at NM, but now I have the canelle in the medium paddy AND the large zippy as well...:nuts:(got the large zippy from Diabro too:smile: It's a very pretty color, but you sort of have to get "used" to it, since it IS a tan but with pinkish undertones. It's actually probably a more flattering color than the gazelle which has the yellow undertones.:rolleyes: It looks great with any navy, green, reds, and any browns. Of course it looks great with black and if you are wearing all white, it would be stunning! I think you'll like it as time goes by:smile::wlae:
  3. Have to say I think you made th right choice, the canelle is gorgeous! Such a unique colour...hope you learn to love it :love:
  4. Thanks for the encouragement, but I HAD to send it back. I just didn't like it at all! Does yours look like this color? It reminds me of a rose color, which I think should be on a wall or carpet, not on my arm.:sad:
  5. If you weren't loving it then there's no point keeping it
  6. How about doing an exchange for another color with Diabro? Surely they'll allow that, no?:shrugs:
  7. Did they let you send it back just because you changed your mind on the color? If so let us all know, since I was under the impression that they do not allow returns unless the item is defective. :shrugs: I love the canelle color, after seeing it for a while, but if you don't, I agree that you shouldn't keep a color that you dislike! :sad: I have the paddys in just about every color, from various years '05, '06 and '07, so that may be why the canelle appeals to me. I think it's unique, but it definitely is not a simple "tan" or light brown...Sorry that it didn't work out for you. I hope that Diabro will accomodate the return:smile::jammin:
  8. They do allow exchanges (thank god). I think their issue is more with having to refund money, but as long as they don't have to refund money and can just make any exchange they are happy. Now, I need to decide on a new color to exchange it for. I really like ssangits argent, but doesn't Diabro's picture look different to you than hers? I attached the photo