Got my Auburn Brynne........

  1. gas were right about the Auburn,what a beautiful color!! I am convinced this is one of those colors (like the rust color sienna that photographs ORANGE) that doesn't photograph well at all.

    For comparison this person is selling the same bag on eBay and (although she doesn't state the color as auburn) and the pics don't do anything for me and the Auburn color certainly doesn't look like that in person!!

    The Brynne looks absolutely gorgeous next to the black Lucy I received Tuesday!!
    I will try and get pics posted if I can get a few minutes away from packing (we leave Sat) :yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae::yahoo:
  2. Ms. L, are you bringing an extra suitcase full of Koobas?? Don't they deserve a vaca too???
  3. Ms Lizardo, you know better than to come here and tell us about a new bag and not offer pictures. We wanna see!
  4. Ya no kidding!!! Congrats Ms Lizardo!

  5. Yeah for you Ms. Liz!
  6. I'm glad you like it Ms. Liz. I have been carrying my Brynne all week and really enjoying it. Very roomy and comfortable bag.
  7. Congrats on that new Brynne! What did you think of the black Lucy?
  8. I have the Brynne in oak and black and absolutely ADORE this style! I've been carrying my oak one all week since I've been wearing orange and tan colors.
  9. I have the baby sister Kiera in Auburn and love love love that color, it is so rich.
  10. Thanks Maggie...the Black Lucy is wonderful!!! It is one I am taking on my trip tomorrow. I want to take the Brynne too, it's between that and the rust sienna.......Geez how many bags can I take?

  11. You got that wears so confortably!! I love it. I actually wouln't mind having another color one in addition, but love the auburn color.
  12. A whole suitcase full!! Have a safe trip!