Got my Artsy. And a few questions. And a reveal.

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  1. Ok. So I got my Artsy GM 4 days ago.

    Major question - Will my shoulder stop hurting as I use it?

    Second Question - How do I get the patina even? The single handle seemingly will make this difficult - should I alternate left and right sides?

    A comment - The lining is like. AMAZING.

    The Reveal - as soon as my friends upload the pictures taken last night...I will have reveal/modelling pics :smile:
  2. The handle with soften up tremendously so no worries. The trick to break it in is to put your things in the bag and hang it on a door knob or you can stretch it with your hands by folding it in and out.
    Mine patina evenly since I only carry I on my shoulder or the crook of my arm.
  3. :useless::useless::useless::useless::useless:
  4. :giggles:

    It's almost been a month since OP started this thread.
  5. Where are the pics?
  6. Yep! Agreed pics needed :snack:
  7. this thread is almost a month old ...
  8. :wondering Hope he's OK.
  9. I would love to see pics too....:tumbleweed:

    Sorry Will, I couldn't resist that tumbleweed!
  10. No pictures?
  11. Maybe it was returned due to it hurting the persons shoulder.
  12. A dead end thread.
  13. 1. YES! YOUR SHOULDER SHOULD START HURTING THE MORE YOU USE IT BECAUSE THE STRAP SOFTENS AS YOU USE IT! =D stuff your bag to make it heavier (which sounds like it would make the bag hurt more, but it softens the handle)

    2. If you have stains on the patina, it may be from sweat? EEK! I have no idea!
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  15. I love the tumbleweed!:giggles: