Got my Anthra Twiggy!!! PIC!

  1. I ordered an Anthra Twiggy from BalNY, it was their last one in stock! The leather is so nice and smooshy, and definitely thicker than my Ink First, which has that shinier glazed finish. I LOVE the color! When I first took it out of the box, it appeared to be a charcoal gray, but later that night in artificial lighting, it took on some teal tones. Anthracite is amazing!!
    This pic was taken indoors with indirect sunlight with flash.
  2. beautiful! i can definitely see the teal-hope you enjoy the bag!
  3. GORGEOUS !!!
    Twiggy style is perfect for this color !!!:drool:
  4. I love the color and the Twiggy shape is my fave (okay, it is a toss between Day and Twiggy) but still, your bag is so drool worthy!
  5. Anthra is my favorite Bal color. In fact, I'm carrying my anthra city today. Enjoy your bag!
  7. AWWw.. how pretty!!! dont you just love the color anthra... so versatile COngrats on your new addition!! :tup:
  8. Anthra rocks! It is such a gorgeous color!!! Enjoy your twiggy in the best of health! It is truly beautiful!
  9. Beautiful colour! Congrats!
  10. [​IMG]
    That's so yummy! Great leather!!!
  11. Looks stunning! Great color & leather. I hope my anthra arrives soon and is as pretty!
  12. very pretty...Anthra is such a gorgeous color!!!
  13. NICE score, enjoy anthra!~
  14. Beautiful bag, enjoy!
  15. LOVE anthra, congrats!