Got my Ali and I'm in LOVE!!!! Now I'm thinking maybe.....

  1. My Ali came in today and seriously I am in total :heart: with her! She is PERFECT for me :heart:

    So now I'm seriously thinking of selling my large denim Carly and getting another Ali in black. What do you all think? I seriously think I could carry these bags in different colors forever......LOL!

    They are so sensable.....leather, gorgeous, fit me wonderfully, not nearly as heavy as the Carly. Again the LEATHER!!!!

    Am I crazy? Anyone else out there just really love one specific bag and carry nothing else?
  2. what color did you get? pics! pics!
  3. Yes! We need pics!

    The ali is a great updated classic coach bag--very stylish but not trendy--I think it is one of the best all around styles Coach has made. I have them in Whiskey and Black and love them!
  4. Black is what I'm wanting now! I'm not sure if this is the Whisky or the Brown but I "think" it's the brown. Is it marked anywhere so I can tell? I'll try and get pics up later. I just think that this color and then black would be PERFECT for just about everything.

    Oh and it would be so gorgeous in pond or turquoise. I'm seriously drooling.
  5. I have never loved just one bag and wouldn't buy it in multiple colors . . . . until ALI!!! I love and adore her. I have her in black and brown and they are both to die for. I really want her in white now as well . . .
  6. I'm trying to not think of I really can't afford two new purses....LOL! If I decide to keep the Carly and get a black Ali then I know it will be a few months until I can even think of her in white.
  7. I have an Ali in White and in whiskey. Seriously this is a classic bag. Unfortunately it is not made in Pond or Turquoise. If it were I would own it. Believe me I already wrote Reed Krakoff (Coach Designer) and the Corporate Office requesting the Pond color in the Ali in two separate letters. I advised them that there are so many ladies in the forum who would purchase it if they made it. Alas I had to get the shoulder bag in the pond color as I love that color so. It goes with so much and is the best blue color Coach has done hands down. By the way the Legacy Collection is the best! Welcome to Legacy Fan Club.
  8. I sold MY Carly when I got my Turquoise Ergo Tote! To ME, it is the perfect bag for me right now. I love the Carly, but I don't wear that much brown and it IS kinda heavy. Plus, the Legacy Stripes on the Tote totally sold me on it!!!! I WILL OWN AN ALI SOMEDAY though!!!!! That bag is TDF! Just not quite in my price range right now :p If they come out with it in POND, I'll be all over that sucker! Even if I have to hock stuff!!! :graucho:
  9. I LOVE the Ali and I am really sorry they won't be keeping her in the Legacy line. I have a black one and a whiskey one and I still get misty when I think about getting one in the white. I KNOW if they had made one in pond I would have camped outside the store in order to get one if I had to!! All that said, I still love my other Coach bags. I find that I experience a certain euphoria when I first get a brand new design that I adore. I totally enjoy the honeymoon but then after I while I can see the BIG PICTURE and put my other bags back in the rotation. Of course, I can only speak for myself. Enjoy your new Ali and it definitely wouldn't be a mistake to get another one.
  10. See I've had the Carly awhile and I do love the look of her, just not the heaviness. I guess I really didn't notice how heavy she was until Ali came in and I noticed the difference. I don't think I'm going to sell Carly though. I'm just going to save, it will only take me about a month and then buy a black Ali. Then I'll think about the white, LOL!

    I haven't tried Ergo on yet but I do love that turquoise one!
  11. Me!!! I have 6* Ali's black, white, brown, natural, charcoal suede, Zebra Slim Flap* but this is so great it counts as one! Plus 2 ergo totes, 1 sig hogo and 1 ocelot top handle. I am perfectly happy with all my Ali's.
  12. I love my white Ali and have been drooling over the whiskey for several months now. I've finally decided to go back to Coach tomorrow to order it. I'm also thinking of exchanging my black Carly I picked up last week for the black Ali. I know some of my Coaches are pretty trendy and I won't wear forever, but I really think the Ali is timeless and will always look good.:love:
  13. I have two Alis and would love to get others. I started with black and natural... now I've got my eye on white, whiskey and some of the older suede ones on eBay.

    She's just the perfect bag!
  14. I just got my Ali (in Whiskey) this week and I love it too! It's so easy to carry and the strap is just the perfect. And the legacy lining it just beautiful. So, I can definitely relate to your thoughts about getting another one. It is a marvelous bag.
  15. I love my ali and I'm so glad you love yours too!!! I knew you would! If I had a carly, i would definiely sell it for another Ali. It's cute, but imo the Ali is much more timeless than the Carly, esp. the Denim one (not that it's not cute)