Got my 2nd opinion..

  1. I know I haven't been on here too much lately.. Some days it's just too painful and some days I find comfort.

    Anyway, some of you may recall that DH and I have been trying for about 3 1/2 years. About 2 years of infertility treatments on and off. I've had 4 Artificial Inseminations and 1 IVF, all unsuccessful. This past August we did IVF and it didn't work and my dr told me they would not do a 2nd one if it wasn't with an egg donor. They thought my chances were too small to even do it at all with my own eggs but they thought they would give me a chance.

    Anyway, we decided to get a 2nd opinion in the city. I so need a break right now but I can't wait too long because of course, my biological clock is really ticking. Well they said that they don't see why they wouldn't try it. They said that at best, without reviewing my records from the previous doctor, I have a 10% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs. 60% if I would do a donor egg.

    DH and I want to try it with my own eggs. So I'm excited that they said they would try it. They have had women in my situation and age get pregnant but of course it's a slim chance.

    It just stinks having to go through all this.. My last dr was not even a mile from my house and now I'll have to go into the city for all those appts during morning rush hour and then go to work.. Yuck! But we will do it for that 10% percent chance. I'm excited and worried at the same time. It's so physically and emotionally draining. But through all that pain, DH and I have held strong together and it's just shown me more and more how right we are together.

    The holidays have been so difficult. We don't even open up Christmas cards because everyone sends those cards with their kids photos on it. It's too hard to look at. Christmas shopping stinks.. I had to buy for 23 kids and sometimes I wonder if I'll be ever buying these cute baby outfits for a child of our own.

    But the New year brings new hope and a new docotor.. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you girls for always supporting and listening, it really does help knowing I'm not alone.
  2. YES! DO IT! :tup:

    10% is great, if you dont' try it, it would be 0%. Think positive! I can't wait to hear good news from you, and then you will be one of those freakingly happy parents who send picture cards during the holidays!!!! :lol:

    I will PM you my addy so you could send me one too :winkiss:
  3. You will likely have better access to more up to date and cutting edge treatments in the city. (NY I am assuming). It sucks to have to make the trip but in the end it may be worth it.
    Keep thinking positive thoughts, we are all thinking them for you too.
  4. They already sound more positive then last doctor! Sometimes that encouragement can make all the difference. Good luck and let us know when you have apt coming up, so we can help support you on those days you need it most!

    I hear you about the x-mas cards. Our refrigerator is COVERED in babies right now, but I look at it and think that will be us next year!!

    Cheers ladies... to great things to come in 2008!
  5. Do it and good luck. Ten percent might not be 50%, but it is better than 0%.
  6. Do it and good luck. Ten percent might not be 50%, but it is better than 0%.
  7. msmelanie I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering if we might hear from you soon - how wonderful to have found another Dr that sounds optimistic and is willing to go ahead and try for you. Please let us know as things progress so we can send prayers and happy thoughts your way.

    One thing about those cards with kids on them - this year we received a bunch, as quite a few of my friends had babies this year, and as I was looking through them, I realized how many of those children would never have been born had it not been for the amazing people in the medical profession - 3 of those babies were IVF, one was clomid, and one was a foriegn adoption. So, I guess what I am saying is that those pictures/ cards can represent hope, because soo many more people than we think had assistance with concieving their child.
  8. Ms Melanie,

    I totally agree with Needanotherbag.

    My friend's sisters all had assistance to have their children. One of them only had to take clomid, one had three kids by IVFs and one had two girls by IVF (it took her 5 years to finally sucessfully conceive.) She almost adopted three kids from a family while she didn't get good results from IVF, but the adoption ended up unsucessfully because the mom refused to give them up. She was so upset when the adoption fell off. And not long after, she got pregnant by IVF.

    Please believe it is hope there. And please remember we are here for you to share you experience along the way.

    Baby dust!!!!!

    VT Pooh
  9. :true: I was also looking at all the cards on my fridge and
    3 were born with Clomid (2 twins)
    1 artificial insemination
    3 (triplets) via IVF
    1 adoption

    So interesting to consider that 8 of those children would not be here if their moms and dads didn't persevere.

    Merry Christmas ladies!!!
  10. mssmelanie, it's good you gotten another opinion. You so deserve a child and wishing you all the very best this season. Take care and please keep us posted. :heart:
  11. msmelanie, I don't know your situation or circumstances, but I just wanted to encourage you not to give up hope!! We tried for over 5 years, including 8 miscarriages and then a blighted ovum on our first IVF/Surrogacy cycle (the issue is that I have abnormal uterine structure and can't carry to term).
    We are now pregnant with TWINS carried by our amazing surrogate, and it happened when I honestly had just decided to relax, let go, and let it happen when and IF it was ready to happen.
    Please, please don't give up, and if you would like a referral to yet another doctor, I would highly recommend the Yale Fertility Center. :tup:
  12. Thank you so much everyone, for your outpouring of support. I think we will be ready to take that 10% chance in the year. I will pray for all of you for happy healthy new babies in the new year.. And to have the the strength and support to help you all get through, no matter what the circumstances. Your strength and encouragement has meant so much to me.

    Merry Christmas everyone! and Happy Birthday Jesus!
  13. Cynthia ~ Wow! I can't believe all you have gone through. That's quite a journey. You and your DH must have amazing strength to go through all that. I have been through peanuts next to you.. How did you do it? The physical and emotional drain is so overwhelming. Congratulations on your twins! Thank goodness you have found an amazing surrogate.