Got my 2nd Marc Jacobs!

  1. Remember how awhile back I saw an aquamarine Louise at TJ Maxx but didn't want to shell out $400? Well, long story short, I was looking at eBay the other day and found one for much, much less and I just couldn't resist!

    It came in the mail today & it's really cute. I love the blue color and I need more small bags!
    Oh, I also had a question: the last pic I'm posting is the inside of the inside pocket (haha sorry if that's confusing)--there's a little white tag there that says "F05 197"--what does this mean? The style # starts with a "35" which, if I remember correctly, means season 3 (fall) of 2005... is this inside tag just repeating that?
    front.jpg front2.jpg inside.jpg
  2. it looks really cute on you! congrats!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. It looks adorable on you!! Congrats on your new purchase!!!
  5. Ok, answered my own question! Apparently this is a serial tag.. and the numbers I should have been looking at were "52" which is fall (season 2) 2005... hehe more info than anyone need to know :p!
  6. love the color!!
  7. It's really cute. wow I can't believe TJ Maxx sells Marc! I need to go check it out.
  8. i saw that bag at my local tj maxx a couple weeks was the only mj bag they had. good decision on getting it off eBay, i thought the price was too high for such a small bag.
  9. Congrats! That color is gorgeous.
  10. I was surprised at the high price too--I mean, someone here found an Elise at TJ's for around $450! I'm glad it was there, though, because I got a good look at it & got to try it on before buying. :yes:
  11. Love that color!'ll have a whole MJ collection before you know it!
  12. That is a beautiful bag and wonderful color! I think that I am more jealous, though, of how cute it looks on you. On my figure, it would look like just a dot. :sad:
  13. Congrats on getting your second MJ. It's a really cute bag.
  14. Super cute! And to answer your question, yes, the serial tag confirms that it is fall 05. Beautiful color!
  15. cute bag!! i love that color!

    i'd have to put that lil thing in my bag to use it tho! LOL