Got my 2nd Birkin and a little something!

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  1. So, I wasn't expecting to get my 2nd for a bit while(esp. because my SA told me to wait another 4~5 months), my SA called me with a great news. I've been thinking really a lot about which birkin I want for a few days, when I saw it in person.....that was love at first sight:heart: And I got them for the pre-price increase amount for both items I purchased!

    Anyways, I'm too excited to do a long reveal so here goes.......


    She is BJ TOGO 35 PH!!
  2. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a beautiful bag - you must be thrilled! How long was your wait?

    ...modelling pictures please! (and what is the "little something"??)
  3. GORGEOUS! LOVE, yeah....what's the "little something"?!?!?!?!?!
  4. and....... Veau Chamonix Black PH Collier de Chien Bracelet!!


    And my 2 birkins together....

  5. LOVE THE CDC!!!

    What a great haul!!! Your birkins are both fabulous - enjoy!
  6. Your BJ Birkin is beaUtiful!
  7. I love seeing the colours together - great buys. Congrats!
  8. Oh, wow. That's so pretty! :love:
  9. Congrats sweetie!

    Now you get to update that wish list since you got the 35 Togo BJ!
    You are going to adore the CDC, its so comfy and chic and has that touch of rock and roll....
  10. Your new Birkin is gorgeous, and I LOVE the CDC! Congratulations on beating the price increase.:yahoo:
  11. Congratulations, wintotty! Now you can update your wishlist! Wear her in good health!:tup:
  12. Thank you!!!!!

    I really love them all! Togo seems pretty rigid compare to my green clemence.
  13. Wintotty ~ :heart::heart::heart:BJ Togo...Especially A 35 Birkin....IT's Gorgeous.....Love The Picture Of Your Birkins....What A Magnificent!!!!! Congratulations Sweetie!!!!!!!!

    ETA: The CDC Is Stunning!!!!!!
  14. really pretty..what a fabulous pair!!
  15. Congratulations!!! All are very nice!!!!