Got my 1st muse II and wondering..

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  1. Hi ladies,
    thanks to all you wonderful gals i got my 1st ysl purchase the muse II blk w/pony hair in lge at Woobury Commons at a fantastic price but here I am wondering why there are soo many available at this discounted price?
    I should be soo happy but I sit here wondering...
  2. Congrats on your Muse Two. I think that version is particularly stunning!

    As for why so many are on sale, its partly due to the bad economy. Lots of bags by many designers went on sale.

    Its probably also because some women are concerned that the ponyhair flap is somewhat delicate and could potentially be prone to shedding, depending on how hard you are on the bag. I have not actually heard a member complain yet that her Muse Two bag has shed hair, I should point out.

    Here is a related thread on that topic:

  3. Intresting thank you I didn't read that thread, i will not use it everyday as I have several bags but I couldn't belive what a great price price for such a lovely bag..Also if anyone has it is it slouchy or rigid? Mine will be here by the end of the week...
  4. Oh definitely slouchy! As I said this version is really gorgeous and I think worth having so long as you are careful. Please post pics when you get it. :smile:
  5. ^Simone, came back to show you this pic. My fav of this bag. :love:

    From the Neiman Marcus 2008 Christmas Book. It was the first handbag featured, right up front on page 6.

    *running off to add to Reference Library*



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  6. OMG thank you Cosmopolitan, those pictures are definately better than the outlet ones!! I will post pics it should be here tomorrow, can't wait.
  7. hey simone72!!

    I've actually got the same bag. I actually bought it a month and a half ago when it just started to go on sale. So far, the bag has gone clubbing, carried a laptop, and has even been used as an airplane carry on bag.. and the bag is still doing REALLLY well. No scratches, no nothing.

    I've gotten many compliments on my bag and it doesn't have to be that babied because the rest of it is patent leather =)

    I would also think that it is more heavy duty than some of the other Muse IIs since this one actually has a suede lining..

    Anyways - post pictures once you get your bag! YAy for bag twins!

    I lo
  8. Ty Goodmornin, I am waiting for ups and am so excited !
  9. Hey ladies, I must say that bag is so pretty, I called the YSL boutique and got that bag today; I am sooo excited I am having it overnighted to me. I will have it tommorrow. I will post back when I get it! Thanks ladies for the wonderful pics.
  10. Congrats lakwash!

    Simone72, did UPS show up????
  11. Oh my, I am faint. :faint:
  12. Congrats! please post modeling pics. I have been dying to see it irl.
  13. Hey ladies my stunning Muse II arrived today, and it is beautiful. I have already changed into it . Simone I hope you will enjoy your bag as much as I am going to. Again thanks for the beautiful pics, it made my purchase easy.
  14. I am loving this bag more and more! Pics please!
  15. Yes it arrived!!Sorry about the delay in posting but w/ 2 small girls its hard to keep track :smile: and hubby is out of town w/digital camera so I am waiting for him to get back to post pics..I like it but somehow its hard to close, I keep it open most of the time. I read in a recent post that some of the outlet muses didn't close properly, I really think it's just the way the bag is so I keep it open. The craftmanship is amazing!! It holds tons of stuff, great for me with 2 little ones...its perfect for professionals,for mommies, for travelling and doesn't seem so delicate at all.. i will post pics as soon as I can and thanks for all of you that helped me score a great deal...