Got my 1st Mulberry - Blenheim from Nordstrom, ON SALE!

  1. I fell in love with Scarlett Johansson's Mulberry bag in Match Point, and have been on the look out for a Mulberry myself. I love the buckles and pockets on the Roxanne but thought the bag was too heavy and 'busy' with too many buckles.

    I went to Nordstrom to pick up a diaper bag as a baby shower gift last night, and what did I find on the Sales table? A chocolate Mulberry Blenheim, with 2 front pockets, sort of like the Roxanne but smaller. It was full of scuff marks so I took it to the SA and asked if there was a way to take them out. She said 'I have just the right thing for that' then she proceeded to pull out a jar and start rubbing away (apparently you can take care of future scuff marks that way too). Lo and behold all the scuff marks are gone!!! And I had to get the bag, marked down from $795 to $315!!! :yahoo: :yes: :yahoo:

    Here is my 1st Mulberry baby.
    IMG_1256 copy.jpg IMG_1257 copy.jpg
  2. You're killing me! $315!!!! What a find. I love your new bag. Enjoy it. Great color and size.
  3. Great buy!
  4. Congrats on your first Mulberry!! I just bought my first one not to long ago....Nothing better than Mulberry.. :smile:

  5. I did the same thing! I actually ended up getting 2 Blenheim's (raspberry/lavender and black glace) since they mismarked one at 70% off! I'm surprised they hold so much - very functional, lightweight and wonderful leather. I wanted all colors to be honest - such a great deal... your chocolate is fabulous, congrats!
  6. I love Mulberry bags, they are so hard-wearing.

    If you ever come to England, try and come to the Mulberry Outlet at a place called Bicester Village... they have really good markdowns on clothing, wallets, belts etc. and bags!! I got a Blenheim in a lavender pinky colour for £197 ($372) instead of £395 ($746) and an Araline (made of softer nappa leather rather than darwin leather, like the Blenheim) for £206 ($389) instead of £295 ($557) - last one in the shop and new in too! :yes: :smile: :yes:

    Mulberrys are cheaper in England anyway, so buy some if you come over! :P :idea:
  7. Congrats on your first Mulberry, I love the chocolate color! I bought my chocolate brown phoebe from Nordstrom on sale as well. Nordies even had the bayswater (in brown, oak and red) on sale. Enjoy it ... it's an extremely beautiful bag!
  8. Would anyone be so kind as to page me with the locations of Nordies that may still have some Mulberrys on sale? My local Nordies doesn't carry Mulberry. Thanks for any help.
  9. ^^WCLC I got mine at the San Francisco Nordstrom 2 weeks ago, but someone posted in Deals & Steals that all Nordies sent their overstock to the Chicago store...
  10. Thank you girls for checking out my new baby. I LOVE her! And yes it's very functional and the inside is just so soft. They said they had it in Olive too but was only marked down to $400+.

    Bluegenie - you scored BIG TIME! Would love to see a pic of your raspberry/lavender Blenheim!

    shopper12 - I'd love to visit the UK again. I was there in March for work and did some serious shopping!

    WCLC - yeah, I agree with Bluegenie, call the Chicago Nordstrom, I am sure they'd be happy to ship a Mulberry to you.
  11. LOL Travelbug - your chocolate Blenheim makes me want to buy another! (I had to mentally go thru my bag inventory to decide which colors made sense... I'm starting to think my new wallet will NOT fit in my current small chocolate bag so I might need another Blenheim!) I wonder why the olive was a different price, as was my black glace? ($230ish). I actually liked the black bag on the table best since it had softened, but the SA said he had a pristine one in back and brought it out to me - almost said NO until I saw the price tag!

    I've been using the raspberry/mauve bag nonstop since I picked it up - always wanted a 'pink' bag but was afraid to get something too young/girly, and the Blenheim's petite size and deep deep color is perfect!
  12. OMG, I LOVE your mauve Blenheim!! How much did you said it was? $230ish??????? Woman, you totally scored! Wow, I am trying really hard now NOT to pick up the phone and call the Nordie in Chicago ... do you remember the 'official' name for the mauve?

    The SA said the Olive ones never made it down below $400 coz they were sold out at that price range. I guess they marked these babies down slowly.
  13. Bluegenie and TravelBug, Thank you.
  14. The black glace was the cheaper one - and supposedly mismarked. The pink one was $315. My 'pink' bag had 2 re-shelve tags-- one said pink, one said lavender, although I had seen "mauve" on the websites this year and Ardiennet called it mauve in the Deals & Steals thread. I know they did a real pale pink at one time but I think this may be the only pink at Nordstrom. If you call Chicago, you'll have to tell me if they still have choco too - I'm too chicken to pick up the phone and get myself in MORE trouble!!
  15. I bought my chocolate phoebe at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza. I was there on July 31 ... so at the time, they had some bayswater, phoebe and blenheim on sale.