Got my 1st MJ!! A small MP in Brick Red *victory dance*

  1. I went shopping with my mom today and I decided to show her the MJ bags I've been lusting over. The Blake in particular. My mom didn't like the light grey or natural blakes and suggested I get a color like the dark red bag on the other counter. I go over to get a closer look at the bag and it's a small MJ MP in Brick Red with silver hardware!!!! I try it on and it's the perfect size bag for going out. I quickly exam the bag to check for flaws and there were none. So I brought it home with me for $283!!!!! :yahoo:Not a super deal but I've been lusting after a Brick Red MJ for a while now and I could not pass it up:p

    Here are pics of my baby:


    Since I'm not a MJ expert yet, I think it's authentic based on the zipper, plate, and leather. Do you guys agree?

    Also any tips on how to clean MJ bags? I was told soap and water by the SA, true??? I want my baby to look extra nice when I wear it for the first time.

  2. hold up, where did you find it for that price??
  3. That is a reallly GREAT price for a small MP. The red color is pretty. If you need to get it authenticated, please post in the thread at the top for authentication.

    Where did you get this?
  4. wow, great price. congrats!
  5. I got it at my local Bloomingdales in Long Island, NY :smile:
  6. Thanks, I'll post up pics in the authetication thread. I got it at the Bloomingdales in LI, NY. The one in Carle Place :smile:
  7. Are you KIDDING me??? Are there any left?!!! Was there some crazy sale going on? I can't believe how cheap you got that for!!! Congrats on the deal of the century!!!!
  8. Congratulations.
  9. I got the last one and I don't think there was a sale. But you can call and ask. Do you want me to give you the number? Let me know.

    It looked so lonely by itself so I brought it home with me :p
  10. Very pretty! If you bought it from Bloomies- I don't think you have to worry about it being authentic
  11. Yeah, I think so too but I'm anal when it comes to know it's authentic for *sure* :sweatdrop:
  12. Amazing! I'm sure the bag is real, it looks good and you bought it at a reputable dept store. Congrats!!
  13. That was an AMAZING deal!!! It's beautiful! Major congrats!!
  14. Wow! Lucky you. It's lovely, and what a steal! Have fun with her.
  15. CUTE, brick red is one of my fav MJ colors!