Got my 1st Botkier Bag!!! I'm lovin' it!!!

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  1. I am already watching several others on the bay!!! YIPPEE!!

    The bag is gorgeous, and although my "stuff" is a tight fit I stay pretty organized inside my bags anyway so it's working out well.

    Here come the pic's and I have "modeling shots" to resize, then I'll post them too!!!

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  2. I had to leave out my coin purse from inside the bag as it's just too small, but I didn't always carry it anyway! My Coachies didn't even toss tomatoes at me when I revealed it over there w/ collection pic's, they all thought it was GORGEOUS and I think my cousin is eyeing them now too!!!!
  3. Here's a little "get to know me" info since I'm a new Botkier gal.

    I'm married with no kids (by choice) and my idea of a baby is my dog. I live with my hubby of 5 years and am currently laid off from my normal factory job. I usually work building seats for the agricultural industry in small town Iowa.

    I've always been a handbag girl, and loved my little Liz C. sets when I was in high school. I've been collecting COACH now for going on 3 years, but have always wanted to branch out. I'll post some collection pic's, maybe you all can appreciate my love for bags thru my Coach collection for now???? LOL

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  4. Congrats on your new bag! This is one of my favorite style,too, only if it has a zippered closure. I went for the trigger instead and I got 2 of them, one in black, another one in acid yellow.

    Welcome to Botkier, I'm sure you will love it even more.
  5. I love your new bag, I actually love your whole collection! Congrats and welcome!
  6. Congrats on your first Botkier! Great choice too!
  7. I love your collection!!!
  8. Congrats on your first Botkier!
  9. Thanks! I have some not so great modeling pic's coming. Forgot about them the other night!!!
  10. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  11. Crud, my hubby's a HORIBBLE picture taker!!! He's FIRED!!! Anywho, only 1 came out and it's not even that great!

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  12. your clyde is gorgeous!! makes me want one.
  13. congrats! i love how u organized your bags!
  14. Congrats on your clyde. I have the same bag in black and it's one of my favorites that you can wear dressed up or just with jeans.
  15. I'm a black bag JUNKIE, and I have a couple fav's and now this is one of them. I was thinking it was time for a rotation, then I decided I had NO REASON to move out on Clyde!!! LOL