Got my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pair of Lanvin flats!!!

  1. I LOVE them! Thanks to Anne for posting Gregory's sale, I got the green satin, purple satin, and black leather. They are gorgeous!!! =o)-

    It took all the resistance in me to keep from buying 4 more pairs, but I'm trying to be good (I think). lol
    Lanvin 001 467x350.jpg Lanvin 002 467x350.jpg Lanvin 003 467x350.jpg Lanvin 004 467x350.jpg
  2. gorgeous!
  3. Ahhhh they are yummy!!! So loving the satins
  4. So dainty and pretty!
  5. The satin ones are beautiful!
  6. I have a satin pair and I remember the first day that it snowed here this winter I thought, DAMM, I won't get to wear my satin pair again for a loooong time. Yes, I think of seasons as "lanvin flat wearing weather" vs. "non-lanvin flat wearing weather" ;)
  7. Congrats! Enjoy them!
  8. Beautiful colors. Enjoy them!
  9. congrats, nice colors!!!!!!! i love Lanvin
  10. YAY!!!
    Enjoy them!!!
  11. congrats on these beauties. love them all.
  12. They are gorgoeus...I am glad you were able to get a deal!!
  13. Yay!! Congrats, they are beautiful.
  14. Wow those green and purple satin ones are TDF! Congrats. I hear they are very comfy so I am sure that you will get a lot of use out of them.
  15. These are adorable - congrats !