Got my $199 Ali from ebay (pics & ?s)

  1. I love it - it is exactly as described and well worth the $199.

    However, when I picked up the package off the porch, I could hear clinking noises, like broken glass?! When I opened the box, she had put it in a small plastic bag (not big enough to even cover the bag) and thrown it in a priority box that was too small for the bag, therefore, it was smooshed. :cursing: The bag didn't even have stuffing in it, tissue around it, NOTHING! The clinking sound was the hardware banging against each other!

    It still appears to be in the same condition as described, but what kind of feedback do I leave? My poor bag! I immediately stuffed her and rubbed some scratches out. Ugh!


    black ali.jpg ali packaging.jpg
  2. Uh yeah...I had that happen with a pink suede demi. No wrapping, no paper, shoved into a small box. I emailed the seller to get a partial refund of the outrageous shipping she charged me. Got no response so I left neutral feedback.
  3. You can leave positive feedback w/a poor packing comment. . . or send a separate email stating the item is as described, however, the purse could have been packaged better and in a larger box!

    I did have a bag arrive in a too large box and the poor thing was tossed around. It was such a great deal and in perfect condition that I could not leave negative feedback so I sent my comment separately. She was very apologetic of course . . .
  4. Beautiful bag. Sorry to hear about the shipping, it irritates me to no end when you pay a lot for shipping and they don't wrap in properly. But as long as the bag's not damaged from it. I would send her a private message that it was smooshed and go ahead and leave a + feedback. That was a great price!
  5. wow that is one nice bag!! You got a great deal.. i would just let her know about the shipping and maybe note it could have been packd better, but still leave + feedback because she may have just been naive about it and it was a great deal, and you don't want her to leave YOU negative feedback!! Great deal, I am jealous!!
  6. OMG!!! I am sooooooooo jealous!!!! It's gorgeous! Enjoy it!!!!
  7. What a wonderful deal!

    I agree with everyone else, + feedback on the bag, say shipping wasn't up to expectations, and email her privately with your problems.
  8. great deal. and yea send her a comment but not with the feedback. let her know how you did not appreciate that.
  9. Gorgeous bag, but it doesn't matter if the bag was .99 it still should have been packaged properly! I would leave + FB, but I would say it was packaged poorly. Or maybe you could e-mail the seller and see what she has to say.
  10. Okay, I took everybody's advice and emailed her. We'll see what the reply is! Thanks so much!! The bag is beautiful and sometimes it helps to have friends bring you down from "the ceiling" and think rationally!!
  11. Great deal, and despite everything, she's still beautiful!!
  12. What a deal, Kidlearner! I LOVE it! :drool:Hooray for deals!:tup:

    Yeah, the new feedback rating system has stars. You can rate her there. That was poor on her part!

    $15 for shipping and it was packaged like that! No way!:cursing:
  13. :drool:Excellent! You got one heck of a beauty and deal!!:tup:
  14. gah! I hate when people pack things poorly.

    my mandy was, get this, FOLDED IN HALF! and shoved in a flat rate square box.

    fortunately once I stuffed her full of tissue for a few days she was great, but I was not pleased