Got my 03 lilac city back from Angelo's where I sent it to be refurbished

  1. And it looks *exactly the same*.

    Some of you might have read on the "regret selling thread" Karen regretted that her caramel 03 got dyed when she took it in to be sold.

    Anyway, I loved how good the caramel looked in the after pics, I sent my lilac 03 to the same place with instuctions to dye, refurbish, clean, ect. Well, they had it for the last 3 months, cleaned it, and sent it back. So I'm out shipping to and from LA with ins. plus $68 for the cleaning. And the bag really doesn't look any cleaner. I'll post my before pics, no point in after pics cause you won't be able to tell the difference.

    I guess I should have sent it to Loving My Bags. Maybe next year, I've missed it and don't want to send it away again. Then again maybe this is a blessing.

    I had wanted it to be the same color as depicted in the second pic with the mirror and zip. The color is a bit grayed on the other areas.
    lilac03_1.jpg lilac03_2.jpg lilac03_3.jpg lilac03back.jpg lilac03front.jpg
  2. oh I'm so sorry it didnt work out for ya! still gorgeous color though! but you really should've just stuck to the tried and tested LMB... maybe you should contact the place again and tell them and ask them to rectify?
  3. Well, it's good that you are being positive and thinking of it as a blessing because it could be a lot worse situation! I think it's AMAZING!
  4. I just love the look of that older leather - whatever color! I think it's really pretty as is!
  5. wow, sunspark, i always droooooool over your bags and this one is so pretty, dirty or not.
  6. I really love that bag!! its gorgeous, and IMO its so much more beautiful worn in and smooshy
  7. Thanks ladies. It actually photographs a bit more pink than it is. It actually has a greyish cast to it, not really bad though. Makes it a neutral for sure. The leather is tdf! Very soft and supple, drapey. I really love the broken in 03's and 04. My black, marron, and dark turq are the same, but even nicer lol.

    I would call Angelo's back and sipute it, but I'm sure they did do a cleaning of some sory, just not as much as I expected. Between the distance (not being able to see it in person) and the language barrier (I believe Chinese is the ladies first language), it's not worth my hassle/frustration. Maybe it is *meant* to stay it's original color with no dying.
  8. Sun, it looks fab to me! Such a pretty color!!!
  9. i'm confused - are these after pics?? :confused1: you should not be scared to send to LMB - they can do a quick turn-around. it looks like it needs minor cleaning and the handles done. i strongly recommend at least emailing or calling Barbara - she is great to work with and the results are fantastic. call Barbara!!!!
  10. I think the bag looks great!
  11. It looks totally well loved!! :heart:

    FYI on LMB: Barbara is out of town, in Canada, for a long while. :

    ... moving to Care & Maint sub :flowers:
  12. wow - good to know! we should make an announcement...
  13. I'm pretty sure it was Gary who did the oil extraction on my handles, and they came out beautiful! Just say'n..I don't think Barbara needs to be in town. The process takes a while, and Gary could get it started. JMO. :yes: BTW, your bag is beautiful just the way it is, but I understand getting obsessed about a perceived flaw. :hysteric:
  14. Sunspark!!! So the bag looks identical to before? NO changes at all??? Nothing anywhere?

    That's really strange. She obviously was concerned I think after the mega blasting that I gave her. I"m sure she recognized the bag style again too and thought: 'uh oh....' lolol!!!!

    I consider it lucky that at least it wasn't ruined (like I still feel my 03 was *sniff*).
  15. ^Well it has been 3 months Karen, but it looks pretty much the same to me. Maybe the gave it a buff with something similar to AG or something, but it really doesn't look any different than before lol. I plan on appreciating it the way it is for the time being.