Got Mj Shoes!!!!!

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  1. Hope yall dont mind if I whore around my MARC JACOBS VANS SLIP ONS :nuts: ~! I wanted the Graffiti or the Crossword, but the Graffiti didnt have my size and the Crossword was sold :amazed: But watever here are pics :love:

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  2. omg! how cool are those???????????? i want a pair - move over chucks MJ is in town! what a great buy!
  3. thanks. i wish mj had chucks lol :biggrin:
  4. Cute shoes! Enjoy!
  5. There great looking.
  6. Those look soooo comfy! Congrats! I think I'd like to look into a pair
  7. Where did you get these??? Are these the new ones for this season?? I thought he stopped making them after the last season
  8. wow! those are way cute. ive never seen them in person! where'd you get them and how much were they (if you dont mind me asking!) ?
  9. Cute!!!! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks :biggrin: ! I got them in the Melrose Marc Jacobs store. The sign says Stinky Rat on it though so ya. They cost about 85. Its not canvas btw but its really soft and hte blue part is made with leather :smile: There is the graffiti canvas one, which is also 85 but they didnt have my size D:
  11. Nice!!
  12. They look so comfy & I love the colors!
  13. they have other colors in the special items section in 8-D