~~ got me some GRAFFITI! w00t!! ~~

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  1. so I went to the Dallas Galleria yesterday, and saw the graffiti pieces in person. I fell in love with the "pink" Zippy Coin Purse. (I put "pink" in quotes because as balthus mentioned in the other thread, on the canvas pieces, the pink isn't really pink or fuchsia, but more coral-colored).

    Anywa, on to the pics...

    Me outside LV boutique with my new purchase :biggrin:

    Graffiti Zippy Coin Purse, after bringing her home to my purse closet :smile:

    close-up pic

    another close-up pic (i love the neon red color!!)

    pics of the inside

    The color inside is actually different from the Graffiti lettering on the outside...the inside is more "pink".

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  2. congrats!!it looks really nice
    nice pictures and I like the bag you are wearing :yes:
  3. Congrats! I bought this one too..
    It is lovely,nice pics!
  4. very nice love it :tup::wlae:
  5. I really love the lining!
  6. thanks xoxogg, pepsimax, Deborah1986, Kitsunegrl! :smile:

    oh and i just want to say that the stock image on LV website for "pink" graffiti is so misleading...the color isn't like that at all IRL!

    Here is stock pic for "fuchsia" zippy coin purse


    But in reality the color is soo different, as you can hopefully tell from my pics above. I personally think the stock pic should look more like this:


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  7. WOW!!!! Congrats!!!! I am so glad your ban is over.;) I guess a BH is in your near future:graucho:. Too bad my ban just started. Hope to see it soon in person. I wish you were here today with us at the SoCal meet. It is just not the same without you. :crybaby: MISS YA!!!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    Love it ... it is gorgeous! I personally like the pink ... not too girly and bubble gummy, I like to think of it as a grown up pink!
  9. aw thanks B..i wish i was there too! can't wait to see what you guys end up getting! and i'm glad my ban is over too...i don't know what else to get next, a BH, a Roxbury (violette) or the Wilshire in Rose Pop. decisions, decisions! :smile:
  10. Congratulations!! I LOVE IT!! :smile: You did SUCH a good job getting the color of the pink right! I have the keepall in pink & the color I picked up with my camera seemed so off so THANK YOU!! :tup:
  11. Congrats on your graffiti ZCP!
  12. Wow, so cool! Love the lining, that makes it really special!
  13. Congrats! I got the same one. Its so adorable right?
  14. It is beautiful, congrats on your new LV.
  15. gorgeous! congrats :smile: