Got me a piece o' VINCE!

  1. ...and this won't be my last!!

    As a prelude to likely getting some Vince with NM/BG online, I grabbed this today at Nordstrom. I'm SO loving the new Via C department :yahoo:. My wallet not so much, LOL.

    here's the Alpaca Shrug!


    This is going to be perfect on casual workdays and of course weekends :wlae:. So comfy and elegant!!
  2. I LOVE IT! congrats!
    i love vince too! =)
  3. I love vince! They make the best sweaters!! Enjoy!!!!
  4. Gorgeous shrug!
    I love Vince, too!
  5. Vince is amazing!!! I love my cashmere cardigan, I wear it all the time!
    The top you got is beautiful, it's going to go with so much!
  6. ooo, pretty! I have a Vince blazer -- sometimes bluefly has cute pieces. But that shrug is gorgeous:smile:
  7. Cute outfit.
  8. I :heart: Vince too. It's my go-to line for cute sweaters.

    Enjoy your gorgeous new shrug!
  9. I love Vince too.
  10. :drool: I just tried on a 3/4-sleeve buttondown cardigan today - it was so soft!!! They also have these cool opera-length gloves that would have been perfect with the cardi but they were $195!!!
  11. that cardigan is really nice irl! great pick!
  12. i love Vince, great quality!!
  13. It's cute. I like it!
  14. ^^ thanks sonya and all...oh boy I'm just getting started!!
  15. Congrats! Once you start buying Vince, it's hard to stop!!