got me a Mandy for a reallllly great deal!!!!!! YAY!!!

  1. I have been wanting a Mandy forever!

    Since the geranium is going to have to go, I was looking on eBay for a Mandy in the khaki sig with the black leather

    I won one for $461!!!
    NOW for the best part! It comes with a Hamptons Checkbook Wallet in the same khaki/black too! BOTH for that price. He sent me a bunch of pics and it all looks good - - - I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

    If you can believe it, this will be my first Coach wallet ever, I've been looking for the right one, and I love this one because it has the clear ID slot

    It is gently used, but it looks to be in great shape, this set was over $1K new, I got a steal!

    YAY!!! I had to share my good fortune with you all

  2. CONGRATULATIONS - what an awesome deal! :yahoo: And welcome to the Mandy club. She's very addictive!
  3. COngratulations...sounds great...can't wait to see pictures!
  4. Congrats can't wait to see pictures!!
  5. Congrats, sounds wonderful!
  6. Congratulations Court!!!! Doesn't it feel great to get a good deal on something you really love!
  7. yes it does, now I can part with geranium and I won't be sad. This bag fits over my shoulder, is easy to get into, and has the pockets on the front that I love.

    I'm a happy happy girl!!!!
  8. you won that?
    I was watching that one. I love that color combo. You got a really good deal!
  9. yup, that was me

    you weren't bidding were you? two bidders were fighting it out for two hours up until the end, but I never bid on anything until the last second. DH thought I was nuts, laying here with my laptop counting the minutes.
  10. What a incredible deal congrats!
  11. lol, nope. trust me tho, was sooo tempting.

    I'm the same, I always bid within the last few seconds. I have 2 windows open, one w/ the bid and one w/ a higher bid in case my first one wasn't high enough. haha.
  12. oooooh!! that's really smart!

    Dang, I thought I was good at eBay, you are my new queen!
  13. congrats, i have yet to get a mandy but so excited for you. and the wallet sounds good too..
  14. here's the pics from the auction

  15. wow, good deal!!! love the mandy!!