Got me a Gustto!!!!

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  1. I am so thrilled. I finally decided to get one and by some miracle, my favorite eBay seller had one. This bag is so cool looking and from what all I've heard, the leather is awesome. Who all has one? And tell me why you just adore it. Here's a pic of mine..


  2. Oh Gusttos are so pretty...I've been quietly stalking the channels lately trying to watch for them.

    I like the Medium Tote on Shopbop as well as the small baca. Sigh, can't decide.
  3. Is that the small Baca or the large Baca? I want one too! Did you see the recent thread with pictures of the red one from the sample sale? *drooling again*

    Never mind: It's definitely the small Baca. Please let us know how smooshy it is when you get it!
  4. You are so lucky - I'm pea green!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. lexie...congrats! she's a beauty!
  6. Congrats on the bag- very pretty
  7. The Red Gustto is what got me interested. It's Bessie's bag and for some reason she won't let me have it. The small looks plenty big enough plus it has a longer strap than the large ones. I think I'm gonna love this bag.
  8. You lucky girl! I love the look of that bag. Every now and then I would see one up on NM or Bg on sale and it would quickly be gone. I've been hoping to find the dark blue on sale but no luck just yet. Enjoy your new Gustto!
  9. looks great!

  10. hehe sorry lexie!! :smile: :heart:
    the brown will look amazing on you !!! you will LOVE IT!!!

    And it is totally big enough the middle size is def great cause you can stuff it with a TON of stuff but even if you just have a little in it looks fanatstic!!
  11. I'm totally psyched about getting it since I'm sending back my Nicole in Rose and going to sell my Bitty Bonnie. I decided I want the Charlie in Rose instead. And Bonnie is just a Bitty thing. So my anticipation of opening todays box ended up with a letdown. I'll have the Gustto Wednesday probably. So looking forward to holding that leather. I saw a Baca in Redwood color on Relvolve. Looked totally cool.
  12. oooh , cute!!! The leather looks sooo soft! :smile:
  13. Congrats on the Gustto! I've been drooling for a month now; do you mind telling me who your seller on eBay was? I just don't want to have a bad experience if I go with eBay...
    I wish I lived close to sample sales :cry:
  14. I'd like to know as well - loving Gustto!! Saw it in Nordstrom's and it was love at first sight!
  15. Congrats, good-looking bag!