Got Mastiff???

  1. Here's my best bud, Oz, my four year old mastiff.
    Photo 4.jpg Photo-0022.jpg DSC00643.jpg
  2. he's so cute!! and so much lips to smoochie on. :smile:
  3. I love him--the one of him sleeping on the pillow with the covers on is great. In the first photo, he resembles a boxer, which we've always had (hence my username). We hope to adopt another rescue boxer soon.

    Does Oz drool a lot? our boxers always do. He's probably incredibly gentle-large dogs usually are.
  4. Oh yes, he drools, but mainly after drinking water or spotting me or my dh eating popcorn. Heh.
  5. He is adorable. I love the pic of him laying on the pillow. Perfect cuddle companion.
  6. awwwww! if only there were SPACE in HK for a mastiff!!
    my bf's parents have a great dane in Malaysia...that's SORT of like a mastiff, right? (yeah, I know I'm pushing it! :P)
  7. ^^ haha big dogs i guess, both slobber.
  8. Oh yeah, Grat Dane's are biigg droolers as well. You might as well keep little towels around just to catch it. LOL. Oz is the biggest cuddlly teddy bear. He loves to put his pumpkin-sized head in my nook. Gotta love it!
  9. ^^ LOL! I wonder if my bf's parents have found out about that yet?

    His name is Terry and is about 3 months old (the great dane, not my bf although sometimes it seems like he is)!! :P

    since your a mastiff mommy, any tips on rearing such a big baby? the largest dog i've had experience with is a husky and they're only about 50-60lbs.

  10. Well, I have to say, owning a 160 lbs dog is not for everyone. Everything is bigger and more expensive. We buy 40 lb bags of dog food every two weeks, he has to have more of everything at the vet, we have to drive a bigger car, he takes know what... :shame:

    Having said that, they are the most gentle creatures. They really truly deserve the title, "Gentle Giants." They are sweet-natured, docile, loyal, protective, great with children, and best of all, they love to snuggle. I have to say, when I walk him, I feel very safe. Someone would have to be an idiot to approach me in a threatening manner. Oz would go nuts. He's the best thing that ever happened to my dh and me...we absolutely love him.
  11. He is adorable!
  12. what a cutie
  13. Aww - your Oz looks a lot like my Daisy! She will be 9 years old in December and is in great health for her age - a little arthritis (not unexpected for a dog this large), but we also have 2 boxers who keep her young and in good shape. And yep, they drool a LOT - between the slobbering mastiff and the 2 hyperactive boxers, the house is constantly a mess, haha.

    And I agree that they truly are "gentle giants". Daisy is the sweetest, most loyal dog. And she is basically a security system - her size and deep bark can be very intimidating! Delivery people and visitors get a little freaked out, though she would never hurt them. ;) The attached picture is about 2 years old, so she's gotten a bit more grey, but it really captures her spirit. I miss her and the boxers so much - they live with my parents in Texas and I'm in grad school in the Boston area - I can't wait to see them at Thanksgiving!
  14. Boston, I'd love to see your parents' house with a mastiff and 2 boxers! Daisy looks so sweet--such a kissable face. I can't wait till we adopt another boxer.
  15. Yep - things can get pretty crazy at times with the 3 big dogs! A large backyard is absolutely necessary - and luckily, we have tile in most of the house, so it is easy to clean up slobber and muddy paw prints.

    So good to hear from another boxer lover - we've had boxers all my life and I can't wait to be in an apartment/house large enough to have my own.