Got Manhattan GM & BH what should I do!!?

  1. HELP!! I was hoping you smart ladies could help me cuz I can't keep both bags!! Here was my thinking:

    I got the Manhattan GM because I love the hardware, pockets, the unique look of the bag. I am worried that when I load it up that it might be too heavy for me (I have fibromyalgia and I tire rather easily) and I can't put it on my shoulder. Also, I was wondering how the large vechetta buckle would look over time? I think the bag is so beautiful though!!

    Then there is the wonderful Batignolles Horizontal. I have seen the beautiful pics here with it packed up with wonderful goodies!! I can put this one on my shoulder. My concern was that it is close to what I have carried in another designer for quite some time and wanted a change, but it is a very comfortable design for me!

    Ohhhhhhh..........they are BOTH so beautiful, how does one decide?? Can you ladies give me both your positive and negative (if any) experiences with both bags? Only one can come live with me, darn! Thanks so much for your opinions!! giselle
  2. My fear for you is that if the Manhattan is too heavy the BH definitely will be when you fill it.
  3. The Manhattan GM is indeed beautiful.:love: If you like the look of the GM but worried that it might be too heavy, why don't you consider the Manhattan PM? They both look similar but the PM is so much smaller.

    I do like the BH as well. It's so functional and comfortable. I want one too. :biggrin: You have a tough choice. Which one do you think you'll use more often? That always answers my bag dilema :biggrin:
  4. You pretty much answered your own question in terms of practicality. Keep the BH.
  5. I have a Manhattan GM. You can't beat that bag. Sure BH is also great, but the GM is in a whole other class. That's why it costs more than twice as much. The bag doesn't get heavier than any other bag. It's gorgeous and I love it!
  6. Bh
  7. Thanks ladies, I do appreciate it. I think my thinking is somewhat circular but here goes.......I can play it safe and get the BH but I will end up loading it up like I do my present "tote"-like bag. At least I can put it on my shoulder which can take more weight than my arm at times.

    BUT, it's so close to what I have been carrying and I kinda wanted to treat myself to something really stunning and special (birthday, in 40's, kids raised, ya da, ya da.......)

    I just love the GM as far as the stunner quality and tell myself I just wont pack as much to take care of the weight questions.

    Oh, and I did try the PM, but it was just too small though nice.

    So, I think I am still going to bed dreaming GM......BH??? Maybe more clarity in the morning? Still willing to listen to ideas. And thanks again!! giselle
  8. The GM fits on your shoulder too. As long as you don't have a heavy coat on. I love mine and I carry lots of stuff. It doesn't get too heavy.
  9. I'm in my forties and I have the GM and I :love: it..:biggrin:
  10. My vote goes to the GM. I have the PM and just :love: the style. The GM is beautiful too. It's classic and I hardly see anyone carrying one.
  11. I love bags with zipper closures, so I would vote for Manhattan GM!:P