Got LVs in the mail but disappointed (plus report from Woodbury outlet)...


Aug 21, 2006
This is a very long story, but please bear with me, as I am very upset right now...:crybaby:

Well, before I vent, I think I should first thank all PFers in the LV forum, as all of you are so helpful, and this place had enabled newbies like me (I had only one LV mono speedy 30 b4 I found this forum, so still a naive newbie) to do research and ensure a more pleasing shopping experience with LV. I really appreciate the effort all members had made, and also I hope PFers in the US have had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.:heart: we go...So, today is the big day in the year, Black Friday (the Day after Thanksgiviing, which a lot of stores in the US have their crazy sale and officially start the gift shopping season). As my annual ritual, I went with my friends to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in New York, where they have the After Thanksgiving Midnite Madness sale. Many stores open at midnite and give additional discounts for early bird shoppers. Well, believe me, as a long time Black Friday experienced outlet shopper, I guess this year started to call it an end to the ritual. The trip is totally not worth it, as you can see I have already left the scene and got home in 10:30am typing this post now (compared to 4pm last year). We arrived at 12am midnite, shopped till 7am, but actually most of my time spent on waiting in lines just to get in the stores. I have expected the long lines, but this year is really getting out of control, and really have to worry about my safety when I and one of my friends got stucked in the crowd trying to push and squeeze in the door of Coach outlet. I didn't plan to get any Coach, but jus to accompany my friend and take a look. There was already a a long line going from Coach to the stores across the side road, and then lining up back again towards Coach again, and made it a three folds long line if you know what I mean. The security guards then figured this is bloacking the pathway and anounced (yeah, jus announced from his mouth without anyone else to control the crowd, and you can imagine what would happen) to the people in line to line up along one side along the Coach store instead. The crowd did not wait till he finished and jus run towards the entrance and pushed against each other. I and my friend were stuck in the packed crowd, and people were really crushing that made me worried about my safety at one point that I might get pushed down and got stepped on:wtf: . Then, at the time we were trapped and people were nagging the security, I was thinking (I didnt mean to put it in a disciminative way) oh my god...this is really no class buying designer bags in this barbarian way:yucky: . I started to think about the LV package my bf just brought back to me jus in time last nite from out-of-state that I have yet got a chance to open (I have the package shipped to him so I didnt have to pay tax, something that I learned from fellow PFers), and it was with us in the trunk. I almost wanted to yell out " I have my Louis, I dun have to go thru this nightmare!!"

We did got in the Coach store, and got little something so that we wouldnt feel our scary wait in line was in vain. It was not anything better at other designer stores either. Burberry line was similar ordeal as Coach, and no good deals in there compared to what I have had before.

Gucci had a very looooong line (mind u it was not a single line, it was ppl packed together forming a thick line) and with police and secruity guards guarding the doors. The rate of letting ppl in was like one per half hr, so the line was not moving at all. I heard ppl started to get in line at 2 am while the Gucci store opens at 5 am, I figured it was just not worth it and had to pass it.

Fendi opened midnite, but nothing good deal and impressive, so there was no line waiting to get in. Dior, Prada and Ferragamo have not yet opened when we left at 7am, though there were already people waiting outside.

We checked out other not as high end stores like Banana Republic, Max Studio, French Connection Kenneth Cole also, but the price were still expensive after early bird discounts. Basically they jus raised the original price and then give you a discount. So, u end up not getting any better deal. Plus, the quality had dropped a lot in so many stores.

So, at the end, I only got 2 skirts from BR and a pair of gloves and a silk scarf from Coach. This is really minimal compared to what I had spent in previous years, though I noticed the deals started to get worse since last year. There were jus so many more people at outlet this time, I guess maybe triple or four times than what we had last year when the madness sale (ah, I should have been warned literally by the sales events name) first started. To me, there were basically no good deals there this year, and if they did, it was impossible and not worthy to attain those with the long wait in lines for most of the time there. I just felt funny people were still like crazy and shopping like the stuff were free:shrugs: . Maybe it was because I have seen unbelieveable good deals before in the outlet, and probably I wont see those again.

With this unsatisfactory outlet shopping trip, I was on my way back thinking all about that from now on, I really should only stick to LV. Because either I can spend thousands bucks on other luxury brand at regular price in a well-serviced shopping atmosphere but would feel really bad when the bags go on sale, or I maybe able to get items at a discount price but in a less enjoyable, or in extreme case shopping experience like this.

LV with no discounts whatsoever have really simplified this, and actually made me glad. Our car actually passed by the fifth avenue flagship LV store on our way back, though it wasnt opened in the morning yet, it made me smile seeing the store and made me eager to go home and open the package. I didnt open the package during the trip, as it would probably cause some stir among the group.

Sorry it took so long to get to the LV part. but I guess some Pfers may want to hear my report from the outlet, and I want to explain how I feel now about LV compared to other brands.

Ok, I have to explain this purchase a little bit. I bought a damier speedy 30 and the framboise vernis small agenda on oct-30 in the bloomingdales in nyc, and have those to be shipped to my bf's place. I requested for a made in france damier speedy, which they didnt have in stock at that time, and I also got a luggage tag to have my initials embossed (all these tips I learned from fellow PFers). So, with these special requests, I acknowledged that I would have to wait for a few weeks for the package to arrive.

Finally, I got home and opened the package. but, I was surprised the damier speedy was a 25 instead of the 30 I have ordered. *sigh* I have been so excited planning to use the bag tomorrow at a dinner. but, i can understand it's really busy season, and people do make mistakes. it's jus some kind of bad luck. then, i continue to admire the framboise vernis agenda, and I noticed that the embossed pattern on the patent leather was not really heavy enough. actually some of the edges of the embossed pattern are so light that are started to disapprear. I thought maybe I was too picky, so I pulled out my mini vernis agenda to compare. I could see that the mini vernis agenda had much heavier and defined embossed patterns. Oh well... maybe someone can advice me on this?

I have thought that the LVs were going to cheer me up for the day, but turned out it's gonna be another long wait. :s

So, I called up the boutique about the problems. My SA jus stepped out and it was another guy picked up my call. I wanted to leave a message, and I also asked him whether there are any made in france damier speedy 30 in stock for exhange. but he was jus so impatient and said he didnt know. I asked whether he could take a quick look and check. but he refused and said he had no idea. oh well...maybe they get too busy in the store on black friday?

After a few calls back, I finally got in touch with my SA. she's going to searched for the items again for me. I feel sorry to sound picky, but I wish my LV purchase are all perfect. I am keeping my fingers crossed and will let you know any updates.

phew~ so this is it. I still wanna get more of LVs. but sometimes, it takes a lil time to get the perfect purchase...


May 15, 2006
Well, I do enjoy your story! I am one of those persons who dont like crowds so I wont shop sales, especially Thanksgiving day sales!
May 21, 2006
Wow, I'm glad I didn't go my outlet for the Midnight Madness sale.. and it was pouring outside too!! I'm scared to hit the mall today too!!!!

You shouldn't feel sorry.. getting a 30 instead of 25 is a huge mistake.. You are not being picky at all..

But I'm glad you did nab something from the sale. :biggrin:


Oct 30, 2006
Sounds rough, but that's why I'm at home right now. My ****** are enough savings for me. At least you were able to get some things you like. I've been out shopping before during Thanksgiving where I made purchases just for the sake of justifying those lines.


Aug 21, 2006
Thanks for all the nice and kind replies from fellow Pfers. I really appreciate it. I just finished lunch and going to have some good sleep. I have been up since 9:30am yesterday. Be back in the evening.



Luvin my new horsie
May 26, 2006
Home on the Range
Man, what an ordeal, I guess some people might get upset with me, but I really believe there are just too many people in this world. Which is why I'm moving out to the boonies of New Mexico. I just can't handle tons of people, I'll fly in and out of LA to pick up my LV's, elux is great. I'm sorry you had a bad LV experience, seems like pupster did too, when they shipped her the bad Bedford. That sucks. But, you'll get the right speedy and agenda and they'll last forever, glad you made it home safely... that is a VERY SCARY story (to me)...
Aug 17, 2006
Manhattan NY
I love Woodbury Commons. I live in Manhattan but I go there a few times a year. My boyfriends family went last year on Black Friday and they said it was a total nightmare. I have to experience at least once in my life though!


Jan 15, 2006
New Jersey
you know what was so funny. i went too. i left north/central jersey at 10PM, got lost because of one minor direction my sister forgot to told me so I went to PA and back to NJ to go to NY. then i'm 2 exits away and 3friggen hours, i was like OMG i finally got there at 3:30am, ridiculous. i saw those lines im like wtf, i felt like an idiot finally goen to black friday, see if i found something nice that i liked *cause i'm perdy picky* but when i get a good deal i love it. it was so many friggen PPL, I was like wow, these people strunt their stuff like they're rich, wearing stillettos and running from store to store, ur ****ting me ya kno. but thats y they're rich, they bargain shop like maniacs. in the end, i bought nothing and got home at 6:45am. worst thing ever.


Jul 7, 2006
Wow, I'm glad I didn't go my outlet for the Midnight Madness sale.. and it was pouring outside too!! I'm scared to hit the mall today too!!!!

You shouldn't feel sorry.. getting a 30 instead of 25 is a huge mistake.. You are not being picky at all..

But I'm glad you did nab something from the sale. :biggrin:
I too was considering going up to Woodbury, although I didn't know about their midnite sales (thanks for letting me know :idea:) Glad I didn't go either.

And I agree ^^^ You should get what you paid for - it's you money 'honey so get everything squared out and exchange everything until you get it right, exactly right (not "almost" right :lol:)


Nov 13, 2006
Another dimension
you certainly did have a rough ordeal at the woodbury outlet and with LV.

I hope they send you the correct bag and agenda. For the amount of money they cost--- you (and everyone else) deserve what you specified!


Dec 13, 2005
I live in Westchester so I used to go to Woodbury Commons a lot. I find that the prices are not so good these days and the merchandise is not so great either. I find myself going there less and less.


hubba hubba ;)
Sep 23, 2006
NYC metro-area
ohhh, thanks for the shoppers report.
I love the Woodbury commons - it's the only outlets I'll go to, but never on black Friday.

You deserve the best shopping experience and the best bag..good for you!


Nov 1, 2006
RI'er living in Maine
What a nightmare! Your story serves to remind me why I avoid malls and outlets from Thanksgiving till New Years. I love to shop...but I hate the crowds.

Send your LV package back on Monday -- don't settle for pieces that aren't what you wanted or aren't up to par. Mistakes happen, especially this time of year.

Hope you can enjoy a relaxing evening at home now!