Got lovely lips since I got volume filler in Korea ;P

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  1. I am 24 years old Hong Kong girl who came to Korea two week ago.
    Recently I just got the injection filler for lip's volume and lifts corner of my lips :biggrin:
    Actually I had very thin upper lips and drooped corners tho.....-.-;
    I always looked like sad expression.
    But now I have nice sexy volumes and made my lips corners lifted since I met Dr. Lee.
    I am satisfied because I became happy smiling girl :biggrin:
    But I have to go for retouch up someday..... (probably)
    If I visit Korea again, obviously I will always come to Girin Plastic Clinic to get fillers constantly.
    Every staff were nice and beautiful.
    Also I am interested of another surgery which is not goes to heavy procedure haha

    Reservation = via Kakao talk " GIRINEN "
    Consultation + procedure = finished in one hour ( I was lucky because surgeon was on break time. I just got-in)
    Price = 1,400,000 Won.
    Anesthesia = cream anesthesia
    Retouch necessary = depends on patient's result
    Location = Girin Plastic Surgery, near by Gangnam station exit #11
    Reference =
  2. I'm still shopping for a good Lip clinic. I'm getting some fillers too, and my philtrum needs some minor works. I'm actually very interested in Laprin Clinic, anyone heard of them?
  3. Oh,, it is more expensive than I thought....:sad:
  4. Did you bargain this price? For lip fillers it's quite on the pricey side..
  5. I am now thinking of getting lip corner surgery. Fillers are great initially but it isn't permanent. The nice upturn at the corner also cannot be really achieved using only fillers. Anyone knows of a good clinic besides going to AONE?
  6. yes i have heard of them. Anyone else keen to explore this with me? Planning for this procedure beginning of next year, maybe end of January.
  7. Hi I'm interested to get lip corner surgery too!! Finding people who is keen with me to go together :smile:
  8. Wow, that's quite expensive! In NYC I can get a syringe of Juvederm for about $800-1000, even with a well-known surgeon :sad: How many cc's did you get?
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