Got Last Whiskey Pad at BG!!

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  1. I am so excited. Both NM and BG had the Whiskey satchel on their websites just now and I saved $$ by ordering from BG because there use to be a NM here so they still charge taxes even 5 years out so I hung up with NM and got the last one at BG. When I called Nordstrom about it before checking online they said no way will they get it back in. This will be a classic bag forever you agree? The only other Chloe I own is a canvas tote I got years ago from Aloha Rag because my daughter's name is Chloe and the tote had it in big letters!
  2. Congrats to you! I have heard that a lot of places won't be carrying the whiskey color anymore, so you got it JUST in time! And saved the taxes! (Although I think BG's shipping is outrageous.) Please post pics when it arrives!!!:nuts:
  3. Congrats - I'm glad you found your bag!
  4. yay!!
  5. Not to rain on your parade, but I just returned a whiskey to The one I received was a return that had obviously been used. :evil: The color had worn off of both of the side seams - I hope you don't get this one.
  6. I just returned a whiskey to NM; it was missing a key. I'm assuming they wouldn't just put it back on the website, would they? That seems insane.
  7. Congrats! You'll love it. It gets lots of compliments! :amuse:

    About the missing key... NM shouldn't being putting a bag without a key back up on their site... but I wonder how they police that... charge the returner a fee for the key??!
  8. The think is, I don't think my missing key bag was a return - it was sealed in a box and still had the foam on the lock and looked pristine. Anyway, I called them about the key and they shipped me another one, so they know that one is missing the key. Presumably they would send it back to Chloe?
  9. I will look it over with a magnifying glass when it arrives and if it is your returned used one then I shall to0 return it.......I did the order by phone, not online.
  10. I hope you get a nice one! :idea:
  11. Congratulations! I think the whiskey will be a classic too.
  12. congrats. i am happy for you. it is such a pretty color. post pics when it arrives
  13. You will love it! I love the whiskey color! Congrats!!!
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