Got It! - Pic - Glace Calf / Gradient/ Degrade Frame W Silver Hw

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  2. i thought i open a new thread since i can't edit the title of the other one to include notification of a pic.

    the colour combo is slate + smoke.
  3. ooh, very pretty!

    is it heavy?
  4. (good grief! i have tried logging in and posting *three* times. if this one kick me out again i am giving up)

    RM, i may be the wrong person to ask if a bag is heavy as i love vintage boot-leather bags. but having said that, i don't think this is heavy at all. certainly not compared to MJ's stam bag.

    glossie, i have one black bag, a gucci from tom ford's era, and i have never looked around for another since. so my radar was down when i was surrounded by black pradas on sale at the paragon boutique!

    but judging from how many black bags there were, i think you may have a good chance of finding one on sale! good luck!
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  7. thanks nonetheless, bagpunk :biggrin: i first saw it in airport t2 and it was the perfect size :tup: i suppose i was trying to avoid the sales, haha. i missed both gucci's bamboo hobo and the ysl mombassa :rolleyes: good for you!
  8. it's gorgeous!! the leather looks super soft and yummy!
  9. very pretty!congrats!
  10. Amazing! I love it!
  11. I love this bag! Where did you get it?
  12. i bumped into this bag :tender: at the paragon prada in singapore while accompanying a friend to hunt for another bag. it *grabbed* me straight away. since i saw another version of it a few weeks beforehand, and did not like that one, i was totally surprised why i like this one so much!

    let me tell you ladies, as far as the degrade range is concerned, what colour combo you have makes a huge difference! i was hunting for the combo that south-of-france has on her baulletto (powder + slate). but i want it in another shape and i could not get any. this bag of mine is smoke + slate combo and it works really well with the silver hardwares, to my great surprise! because i was determined that the metal works were a bit *much*. but they look wonderful here (well, if i may say so myself, sorry hee hee :flowers:)

    the one i saw which i did not like was in pinkish + very dark brown combo (not sure what colours they were) with gold hardwares.

    i think very dark brown + powder would look lovely, but i have not seen one so far.
  13. thanks ladies. in real life, they colours appear much softer than here in pic. i almost bought something from marie at nordstorm WA. it was the more square satchel (not sure what you call this form of bag) with the padlock. since marie's was a large size, and singapore prada did not have the large size available (for some reason they always eliminate large sizes from their buyers list for this region, the presumption is that singaporeans are tiny so they would not want to buy large bags.... well, i do...) so i was very excited. then i saw this bag. padparasha saw the same exact bag at her local prada on the same day that i saw the first frame glace!