Got it!!! 284/500 Ltd Ed Cabat Ottone

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just sharing my new pride and joy...the Ltd Ed Ottone Cabat- 284/500.:love:

    I got it this afternoon and I am still on "cloud nine" at the moment...can't wait to road test it tomorrow.

    Bottega Cabat 002a.JPG Bottega Cabat 003a.JPG Bottega Cabat 007a.JPG
  2. Fantastic! I am sure you will enjoy this bag for years to come.
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!
  4. rox_rocks, Gorgeous bag! :heart: Congrats!
  5. Absolutely beautiful. You lucky girl. Wear it in good health!
  6. Wow, congratulations!!! IT looks gorgeous. Can't wait for action pics
  7. Beautiful. Enjoy It!!!!!
  8. That's a beaut! Congrats!
  9. Your cabat is just too stunning for words.:drool: Enjoy! :heart:
  10. the ottone is my absolute favorite. i love the way it feels and looks. i hope you love it too. i'm sure you will. this is how i keep my stuff organized. i think you want to do something similiar. enjoy!
    inside cabat 3.jpg
  11. be-yuu-te-full!

    Your BV-family is breathtaking, rox_rocks! Can`t wait to see Action pics of the Cabat when you take it for a spin!
  12. Congratulations! That is such a stunning bag!
  13. rox_rocks, I am in awe. Your new Cabat is so beautiful and you already have great accessories to plop into it! Enjoy wearing it tomorrow. I know you will!:drinkup:

    annie9999, I love how beautifully organized yor Cabat is. What a great reason to get one. It can be filled with more BV goodies!
  14. rox_rocks--congratz on your ottone cabat~wear it in good health!

    annie9999, you gave me great tips on how to organize the cabat. wonderful idea you have there!
  15. the ottone cabat is fabulous!! love the gold color, congrats on a gorgeous bag