Got invited to my first Chanel Fashion Show

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  1. It's in Hong Kong and no it is not the full collection but i guess it is HK's version of a trunk show .... my first time!! A Chanel VIP !! Should enjoy that while it lasts ... can't wait to see what they have ordered for here and what DH lets me buy and what I buy anyway! ...

    Although I am going to try to limit myselkf to just one item - the quilted clutch with the cc's on it .... if it has been ordered for HK ... but I feel guilty because instead of bag number 10 ... the DH brought home a J12 Watch!!!!

    40 more days of chanel heaven ... then it is back to New York where I become just a regular customer .... I am so bad!!!!
  2. Congrats and have fun.
  3. Enjoy! A J12 watch is nice!!! :yes:
  4. Sounds exciting! Have fun!:yes:

    I wish I could go to one at some point:shame:
  5. Sounds like lots of fun - enjoy!!!
  6. had an awesome time ... clothes are goregeous up close and personal ... I have reserved this cream colored cardigan ... i can't wait ...

    but I picked up the new clutch - plain black quilted ... and a red train scarf ...

    i promise i will get pix on the forum soon ....
  7. Wow! I have a better chance of getting ahold of the NORAD launch codes than getting invited to anything like this.
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