Got invited to a Chanel luncheon at NM!!!

  1. I wen to pick up my new baby today {see other thread!} and Shannon, my very fab SA told me that she's sending me a card for an upcoming Chanel luncheon soon.
    KATHYD!! You HAVE to meet me there! She said she'd love for us both to be able to make it!:yahoo: :yahoo: You'll be getting one in the mail too!

    Shannon has spent the last week in NYC at Chanel training and can't wait to share her wealth of info w/ her few favorite customers!
    Plus she said there'll be a little 'favor' included for us!:wlae:

    There was SO much in that boutique today! KathyD, you should try and go soon! Oooh, maybe you can meet up for the beauty even coming up. . . I'll let you know when.
  2. Yay!!! Hehehe ;)
  3. I am so jealous. Can't wait to hear all the details. How come Irina never calls us Jersey girls for lunch??????
  4. ^^Can't wait to hear about yours!! When is yours again?
    Ours is Sept 28th.
  5. I'm far beyond jealous. I need to move down there so some of that good SA mojo will rub off on me.
  6. Wow, swanky, I bet you are really happy! I wish I can go too! :sad: :sad: But enjoy it, and you better report back to us!
  7. That sounds like so much fun!!!!
  8. RUB IT IN...RUB IT IN!!!
    I'm hungry, can I go to lunch too?
  9. Have a wonderful time :yes:
  10. omg...I can't wait to hear about the details - sounds soo exciting!
  11. Ooh! Exciting! You'll have to tell us the new secrets after the meeting, you know we love everything!
  12. I will! The SA is really excited!
    She said she learned SO much at the training. . . watching videos of the factory where each person does something different by hand. . . like the weaving of the leather through the chains and stuff like that.

    I can't wait!
  13. Sounds great.... I can't wait to hear about it!!
  14. Is the Lunch on their new Handbag or Fashion Lines?? K~
  15. Sounds fun...looking forward to the delightful details you might share after lunching!
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