Got in Accident today...Need some consoling.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I had a horrible day today. I got into an accident and it was my fault!:cry: Thankfully no one was hurt, and my kids were not in the car. I was at a red light about the 5th car back and the light turned green and everyone went, the car in front of me went and then I went and then realized she was stopped in the road and I slammed on my breaks and didn't have enough time and I hit her :cry: :cry: . I have not been in an accident since I was 16!! That's like 21 years ago!!! I am so upset and depressed over this and I just can't figure out how it happened. I mean, she was going and then all of a sudden she wasn't! I just feel awful and like a screw up. Any thoughts will be appreciated!
  2. Accidents always suck!! But, thankfully you are fine. :flowers:
  3. so sorry to hear that.. i hope u r well.. accidents do happen.. i am pretty sure u didn't mean it....i hope things get fixed soon.... take care of urself n gives lots of hugs n kisses to ur kids coz u r okay..
  4. Aww, sweetie, that is why we call them "accidents". It happens to the best drivers!! She probably started to go, then stopped suddenly and you did not see that she was stopped and you hit her. It will bother you for a few days but the cars will get fixed, and life goes on. And, for the next 6 months you will probably be super careful driving! Don't sweat it, it happens to everyone!
  5. I'm really sorry about the accident- even small ones are sooo scary!!!

    That has happend to me before. Was it more like a fender-bender? Sometimes cars do the weirdest things (well the drivers) and unfortunately it is always the person from behinds fault, even when it may not be!!!! So try not to feel too bad, it happens to so many of us- and most important part is that everyone is ok.

    We can cheer you up here!!! :flowers: :love:
  6. I'm sorry!! I'm glad to hear that no one got hurt, and your kids weren't in the car. Accidents happen - and given your driving record, it sounds like you are an excellent driver! So don't feel too down in the dumps. :flowers:
  7. Hi tr444, sorry to hear what happened. But why do you say it's your fault? The girl in front stopped, and you tried your best to avoid hitting her car. IMHO, you are not to be blamed at all.
  8. Dumb rule that it is always the car from behind's fault... It always makes me mad because sometimes it is most definetly the person in front of them's fault
  9. I react exactly the same way the few times I have been in an accident. Even when I was rearended. It's just the adrenaline surge etc. I hope you feel better.
  10. I am sooo sorry. Glad you are OK.
  11. Glad you are OK! Yeah they are scary. Be extra good to yourself (bubble bath, massage, chat with us PF'ers)...we are with you!
  12. Thank you ladies, you are all so great! I actually felt so bad today I was crying my eyes out! All of your nice comments really mean alot to me and I mean that. I am so glad I found this place, you are all so awesome!
  13. We all have accidents. I got in one changing lanes our first week in Philadelphia-so I felt like an idiot, cause I hadn't hit anyone since I was a teenager either. Just take care of yourself, forgive yourself, and be glad you have insurance.
  14. cheer ... it wasnt like u meant to do it , thats why they call it an accident least no one got hurt *hugs*
  15. i was in one last winter i was up in maine and it was snowing, i started going to down a hill and there was a stop sign at the end. well there was a guy in his truck PARKED! at the stop sign, i forgot what his excuse i slid and since he wasnt parked and not looking behind him i slid right into him..

    totalled my brothers car, and the jerk's truck was fine. he wanted to leave b4 the police got there and i was like UH NO im not getting a ticket for this! your not allowed to park at a stop sign! ugg but its over now.

    hope your okay it's not as if you didnt try to avoid it. and cars can be fixed and replaced, glad your alright and your kids are safe at home :smile: *hugs*