Got Holiday Tech Gift Questions? Ask Me!

  1. I've noticed a lot of people lately asking questions about TVs, iPods, etc. lately because of the impending holiday - I want to help! I work at Best Buy and have for several years, and I can answer questions about pretty much anything we carry except GPS systems. I can also answer store policy questions, etc. So feel free to post here or PM me, I'd be happy to help anyone out that's look for a present for kids/husband/etc.
  2. Thanks, thats nice to know. I'm looking for something for my 17 yr old son. He pretty much has everything. Just came home last week with new computer. Week before that that new guitor thing for xbox w/drums. Has a laptop, ipod,etc. What can I get him? He did mention a new ipod, the small one? Is that a nano. I haven't gotten around to checking out stores yet. Do you think he would like the ipod holder/charger (whatever they are called)?
  3. I've been wondering which Guitar Hero is the best to buy. We have the PS2, Wii and XBox 360.

  4. Hi Amanda, we nixed the TV... so I am taking up your suggestion of an iPod touch but SO already has the iPod with 80 gigs of storage. Is an iPod touch going to add that much since he already has the best iPod? Will it be redundant?

    Anything else at Best Buy that is good to give a boyfriend? He already has a great digital camera.
  5. Hmmm...depending on what type of ipod he has, it either might be time for a new one, or maybe you can get him something nice to go with it. IMO, the best gift of the season is the iPod touch. they're a little pricey, but they have WiFi capability, which is AWESOME for college campuses (since you said he's 17, i assume he's college-bound in the near future). I got one the day we received them at work, and it's great to use to check my email, tPF, facebook, etc. on campus since most people don't tote their laptop around every day. their interface is amazingly easy and absolutely gorgeous, and PC World voted them the best mp3 player ever made. they're also somewhat of a status symbol. the nanos are pretty cool (less expensive, video capability, really tiny), so i'd say let your price range dictate which one you go with.

    if his iPod is fairly new (last year or two), you might want to consider getting him a speaker dock for it. i really like the units that bose makes:
    they also make a portable, battery-run unit for $100 more (the unit i linked has a plug), and they come in both white and black. if you're looking for something at a lower price point, Klipsch (Klipsh? can't remember how to spell it) also makes a really nice unit:

    hope that helps! you might also want to get him an FM transmitter so he can play his iPod through the speakers in his car - the one i got is by DLO and retails for about $70. They have a pretty wide selection of those in stores.
  6. I'd get Guitar Hero 3 for the 360. You'll get a bundle that comes with both the guitar and the game. The controllers for the Wii and PS2 are different than the ones that the 360 and PS3 use, and I like the 360/PS3 style better. Then, if you really love the game, you can get just a copy of GH2 for the 360 that you can play with the new controller so you have more songs to play. There's no GH2 for the Wii, so that would be another reason I'd buy the 360 version.
  7. Well, technically, the Touch is now the 'best' iPod. If he's one of those people that HAS to have all of his music with him at all times, the touch might not be that great since the largest size is 16gb. if he's fine with a smaller capacity, then the Touch has a lot of extra features - you can access the internet from any WiFi network, which I like better than the internet access on any smartphone that I've seen. If he travels a lot, it's also great for watching movies on a plane or at the airport since the entire front of the iPod turns into a widescreen viewing area instead of just trying to watch on the tiny screen of the iPod Video.

    other than that...does he drink beer or wine reguarly? We have a really nice dual-zone (one area for whites, another for reds) wine cooler:
    and if he likes beer:

    both are very popular around the holidays. you might also want to look into the iPod speaker systems i posted for a previous question if he's way into his iPod. other than that...i can't really help him if he doesn't have a tv!
  8. Great thread, Amanda, as we do a LOT of shopping at Best Buy. Over the Black Friday weekend my BF took me shopping for my Xmas gift. I wanted the PSP Slim but didn't see it at Best Buy. Does Best Buy even carry those? I ended up getting three video games as my gift instead, but I'd still love a PSP Slim,even if I have to buy it myself! Also, my BF bought me some games, thinking that if he saw them cheaper elsewhere he could return them back to Best Buy. For unopened games, is it a 14 day with receipt return time frame? And finally, does Best Buy ever honor competitors prices? Sorry so many questions. Thanks in advance!
  9. not really a question about gifts... but just wanted to take this chance and ask a real and honest best buy employee, i'm looking at getting a new cd deck for my truck. how is best buy's install service? can i trust them or should i go somewhere else?
  10. Thanks so much for your help Amanda! I was leaning toward the Xbox360.

  11. You are a brave one! I hate answering tech-type questions but that is probably because my mom calls me constantly with them. Last night she didn't know how to FF her Tivo. Isn't the FF button standard on all remotes? I thought so... Do you mind if from now on I direct her to you? Hehe.
  12. Ok!!!

    What do I get for the guy who has EVERY electronic but always wants more?? Has the BEST digital cameras around (2 of them), amazing computerS, every bose soundsystem and headphones.... umm yea.

    I may be a lost cause!
  13. LOL I have a feeling this thread is going to be really busy!! Great thread!
  14. we carry the PSP Slims, they might just have been sold out at the store:

    they're sold out in white and black on the website, too. there should be more in before christmas.

    as far as return policies go, anything bought from early novemeber through christmas can be returned until Jan. 31 - we do a special return policy for the holidays so people can still return things they get as gifts. we also can match any local (meaning, we can't match an price since they don't have a local store) competitor's price as long as it's the exact same unit (same model number, same game title, whatever) and the competitor has the item in stock (some people will call and check, some won't). this is good for 30 days after the purchase of the original item - if someone else puts it on sale, or if we put it on sale, for a lower price than you paid, bring your receipt back in and we can verify the price and refund the difference. just make sure the video games are unopened :smile:
  15. This is funny (well, sorta:smile:), but when I saw the subject I thought **Amanda is the perfect one to ask about the best GPS system.** Lol. And that was your only disclaimer. Anyone else care to give their opinion?