Got Gunmetal Madison Carryall for PCE, Anyone have her? Any Issues?

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  1. Hello!!
    I just got back from my Savannah mini vacation with 2 new carryalls for PCE. I got the Madison leather acorn carryall which I do love and then I added the Metallic gunmetal carryall with the pink lining. I looked her over very well and she was perfect with no flaking issues. I would very much appreciate it is anyone who has her has returned her for that reason and if that leather has held up with wearing. It is really such a gorgeous bag. I did a search and I saw the pictures Fitzsimmons posted and modeled. I just loved this bag on her. Please let me know if anyone else has her and how she is doing with any flaking or peeling on the lovely coated silver. Thanks!!:smile:
  2. Can you post a pic please.
  3. I don't recall the current Madison Carryall being offered in those colors. I definitely want to see photos!
  4. The carryall came in Acorn this year and the year before it was walnut. I saw this bag on a girl in Nordstum before I left for Savannah and when they had it at my fave store in Jacksonville on the way to Savannah, they had two, so I got the darker one in Acorn. My DH has the camera but PM me and I will take a pic later with my phone. I just cannot get the hang of posting pics on here. It is a warm brown a bit lighter than walnut. The silver one, gunmetal, is posted and modeled here by the lovely Fitzsimmons (sorry if I got the name wrong from memory. Thanks!!
  5. :useless:
  6. I LOVE this bag...omg...every time I go to Dillards I want it so bad!
    I really do not think you have to worry about the gunmetal flaking, however it might scratch easily. The leather is really soft.
    GREAT choice!
  7. I tried to send u a private message but I'm on my phone which makes irt difficult lol. To be completely honest one week after getting this bag it started to peel around the top so I exchanged it got a new one, the one I got aa replacement went back last week because the leather started peeling as well. I hate ber the bearer of bad news bi
  8. But I had issues it could just be related to my bad luck coach cloud that has been over my head
  9. Awww, that sucks. I stand corrected. :sad:
  10. It does stink because I really loved it as well but after it peeled the first time I really stopped carrying it and only used it once after then. But I exchanged it for my gathered sophia which I absolutely love
  11. I like this baby toooooooo and she is at the OUTLETS
  12. OOH, I was so worried about that. It is such a lovely bag. I just might not keep it if it is such a risk. I would rather just have my carryall in Acorn. Sorry I could not take pics of mine today. I just got home last night. Thank you for your info.
  13. If there were two, then I presume that they all will peel. I was going to get the croc one, but I passed, the carryall in the new gray. They are holding the matching wallet, but I think I am going to pass now and return it. I love the acorn and this one worried me as much as I love it. So, maybe I will look into the sophia gathered. It is definitely growing on me. Beautiful bag. Good luck with yours. I hope it lasts forever!!.
  14. If I may ask, what size did you get? Thanks!! Enjoy her!!:smile:
  15. PM me when you get her and let me know how she fares. I hate to give her up too. That is such a shame that it peeled so quickly. It is beautiful