got gum on my jeans

  1. I accidentally got gum stuck to my jeans and I peeled it off and it left some sticky residue on it.

    Then I popped them in the washer and now theres a white shade still left on my jeans. It's not sticky anymore but my poor dark denim jeans now have a white spot on them!

    Does any 1 know a treatment to take this out? :tdown:
  2. I don't know how to get rid of this mark but what you should have done is to put them in the freezer. The gum would have gone really hard and you could have just picked it off.

    This may still work but I'm not sure as you have washed them. I think that was your mistake I'm afraid.
  3. there is this amazing product call "goo gone" or goo off . or something. its basically similar to gasoline but without the nasty smell ! you can buy it at your local walmart/kmart

    it really works! got gum off my coach wristlet (Though it unfortunately faded some of the leather, so be aware!) its generally safe on clothes unless ur jeans have a lot of dye on it. so just dont rub too hard.

    if you cant find it, use gasoline. it stinks and it makes you though.
  4. oh oops i didnt read the washer thing. yeah im not sure if it'll work after u washed it. it seems the stain is set once u wash it. not sure. try anyway
  5. Im thinking the gum maybe did a little bleaching?? Like, when you get toothpaste on your clothes it bleaches it. Im absolutely no help in the stain removing area, I have my own thread for stain removing help lol. If Tide To Go dont work for me...Its hopeless.
    I hope these fabulous girls can give you some advice to get it out!
  6. Eek, yeah I remember once a girl had gum on her jeans in class and she ran next door to the cooking class to get a piece of ice to put on it to freeze it.
    Anyway I'm with Queen, the gum probably had bleaching elements in it like some toothpastes do. I'm not sure that you can get rid of it now. :push:
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    yeah i totally think it did a bleaching affect.

    it was trident WHITE gum


    it's dark denium too.

    perhaps i can get that fabric dye and try to fix it.

    sigh. such a waste of $$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!