got GH b-bag and :( its not really me

  1. will love for b-bags eventually grow?
    earlier this year i bought a second hand black RH city and fell in love with it
    then decided i might as well love giant hardware even more so i made the order for steel silver city and here comes arrival of new family member
    but look at it again, looks like its not really my bag
    silver hardware does not go with anything i own. most of my accessories are gold stuff
    i thought to myself lets try silver try something new for the holiday
    what was i thinking:cursing:

    so, yah, i wonder would the love grow in me?:crybaby:
    002 001.1.jpg
  2. That's too bad ... it's a really beautiful bag. BUT I think when you find the right one, you'll know! Good luck searching!
  3. If you got it from somewhere you can return it, I would just take it back or send it back. While the hardware may grow on you, chances are good that when it does, you can still get something that has it, and in the meantime you can find something that you like more and will enjoy right away! It's no fun convincing yourself that you like something when there are so many luscious options out there!
  4. I agree that if you don't love it you should find something that you do love! Besides, there is always GGH to go with your gold stuff. GGH looks even more fabulous, IMHO, on certain leathers than SGH.
  5. Have you tried GGH or other styles?

    my love for GH really depends on the bag and color combo. Absolutely love it on mostly all the Day and Work bags, on the City I loved the GGH in Vert Gazon. SGH on Black is a great combo if you are a silver loving person!!!
    I'm a gold person but I love love love SGH on Magenta!
  6. I know exactly what you mean. I wear white gold and platinum and the GGH looks hideous on me. Why don't you get it in gold to match your accessories? I will eventually get ONE and only one GH bag and it will be SGH. I've tried, but I just don't love the giant hardware. The only bag that I like it on is the Giant Hobo so far. On that bag it isn't heavier I guess because we never felt that bag without it since doesn't come with regular. My Mom is getting a white Giant Hobo with silver when they come in. Supposedly the new white is stark white with no ivory or gray tones like the past 2 seasons. So I will get to see what the leather and combo looks like.
  7. ^^ awe, it's a beautiful bag, but if you don't love her now due to the SGH, that probably won't change...i agree that you should return/exchange/sell her for one you truly can check out photos of GGH b-bags here on tPF or see them IRL if you can...maybe that would work better w/your accessories or maybe GH b-bags aren't for you (?) of luck with your decision & happy holidays!!! :tender:
  8. Thank you tFP ladies:tender:

    I cannot return the bag because this bag was bought in another country by a friend of mine who happened to have lost the receipt!!!

    so, now i put it up on eBay

    I guess I really do not think silver hardware would grow on me because i didntt have any hesitation moments at all when i decided to sell it

    why keep it while i know i :drool: everytime i see BLACK CITY GGH right?
    byebye silver

    and again thank you you all for your comments