Got frusterated and quit....(long)

  1. Last night I was at work at sonic like usual, but I had taken medicine for my back and so I was pretty drugged up. I felt fine but I can't lift anything too much.

    The manager let me do an easy job (bagging) when I just turn around and everyone is talking BS on me.
    I was already having a bad day and I just wanted to die. All I was trying to do was help out. (Which I was) and some other girl that car hops as well started talking BS to my best friend, as if my best friend wasn't going to tell me. I found out and she came back in and I told her if she was going to talk crap to do it to my face and she didnt.

    I had closed Sonic sunday night, and she wanted me to close monday night too cause she had school. I told her you arent the only one that has school you know, I too have homework. and my manager was going to make me close so I got fed up of trying to help people and making everyones life easy so I said "I'm done, I quit"

    I never thought I was going too but it happened. I poured down in tears right when it happened. When my manager heard me he asked me who it was and i told him and then he asked me if I was going to come back and I said "right now I don't know I just cant do it right this second."

    Now, I am sitting here debating wether I should go back or not, I want too. Money was good. But I am tired of getting treated like a newbie when I have worked there for quite a while.

    I just need advice!!!!
  2. I would take a day or two to find a new job. It's hard to work where you are miserable. If you don't find something else, y0u can go back.
  3. aw tink, words of wisdom there. i agree. think about it for a few days and see if theres anyother jobs you could aply for
  4. yup agree with twinkle....

    sorry it's so hard and they're mean to you. *hugs*

    working can be relaly hard sometimes. *hugs*
  5. frustrating i know but the way i see it u have 3 choices. you could either go back, find a new job (that isnt going to pay u as much as u were making with tips) or just not work and focus on studying and being a teenager.

    i know you'll make the right choice for u though.
  6. That sucks hun! I agree with the wisdom from Twinkle - a few days searching for a different job will show you what you should do xx
  7. I would change jobs, you dont need that **** at work!
  8. yea I know :'(

    but I wouldnt really make as much money anywhere else because of the tips that i make.