Got French Blue is it worth it ??

  1. Hi I need help I love the color and I am not much of a color girl how hard is this bag to find just asking Thanks :smile:
  2. U might wanna wait for the electric blue that is to come.. My guess is thier similar. At least i hope so.. LOL!
  3. Pretty hard I would say, I've been waiting for this color to pop up for few months now, saw one on eBay and it turned out to be counterfeit!
  4. I saw a FB Day at a Neimans in Tampa a few months ago. I'm not sure if they still have it or not - but you might be able to track one down by calling a Neimans nearby you and ask if they have any in their stores.
  5. French Blue had production problems and several people posted about it fading : ( Maybe best to wait for Electric Blue!

    I wish you well,

  6. Thanks everyone for the help I am going to wait for the new blue :smile:
  7. great idea to wait! i think the color is going to be fantastic and the leather prob better then 06 :yes: