Got foundation on my fav sweater! Help!

  1. This week has been so crazy both at work and home! One morning I was rushing out of the house because I was late already, so I slipped on my fav new cozy sweater from BCBG. But my foundation bottle slipped out of my hands and I got 2 one inch splatters on my sweater!

    My sweater is off-white (of course!), made of acrylic and angora. I tried blotting it off immediately, but no real luck. Is there any hope for my sweater? Dry clean, hand wash? Any tips?
  2. Well, this may or may not work.
    One time, I got foundation on a blouse, and I used a little eye makeup remover and it came right off.
  3. Dry Clean it and tell them specifically about the make-up.
  4. Try soaking the spot with Shout before washing. Works for me!
  5. Shout Wipes are god's gift to messy clothes lovers like me. They've even gotten blood out -- just amazing.
  6. I swear by the Tide pen, it will get anything out. It even got red wine out of my favorite pink Ann Taylor top.
  7. I know ice takes blood off clothing..maybe try it with the foundation? I've never tried it before though.
  8. Thanks everyone!

    After lv-lover posted, I tried makeup remover... and it worked, for the most part! Amazing!!! Woolite didn't even work! Thank you, lv-lover!!!

    As for the tide-to-go and the Shout wipes go, I think I will pick them up at the store to be ready for future stains!!!