got fake, seller refund but file unpaid item mutual agreement

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I bought a cute summer dress on eBay and when I reeived it, i knew right away that it was fake!
    She said she sent it from hawaii but the mail I got is from China!!!!as i dont really feel like to waste time in file the custom form and all that if I return it, we decide that she could just give me discount.

    As she gave me discount, she also asked me to not leave any feedback and let her claim the unpaid item mutual agreement so that she could get the selling fee back.
    What do u guys think?

    Im afraid it would give me the "unpaid buyer" title all over my eBay ID.LOL or something similar to that..and i dont want that, since i always block people that have "unpaid item" record right away from my listing.
    any suggestion?thanks in advance
  2. I don't know what the effect of a NPB claim would be on your record, but I do know I wouldn't lie. . . sorry, it just isn't worth it. The sale of a fake item is already dishonest and I wouldn't want to contribute any more to that sort of retail process. For me it would be a polite, but firm, 'no'. Maybe others will feel differently though . . .that is the joy of this sub-forum, the diverse opinions around the place!
  3. I think if it is filed as "buyer and seller mutually agree not to complete the transaction" you do not get an unpaid item strike.
  4. this is correct. if you both agree she gets her fees back and you don't get a unpaid strike
  5. She's probably going to file a mutual claim which means she get's her fees back but you don't get a NPB strike. TBH I wouldn't do it, why should you, she sold you something counterfeit and then wants you to do her a favour!
  6. I wouldn't do it you will get a unpaid item strike
  7. i wouldn't do it...she sent you a fake AND she wants you to do a favor..
  8. I would not let her get off so easy. She tried to cheat you, but got caught. Don't do her any favors.
  9. I do not believe in rewarding, liars, thieves, scammers Etc.

    Do NOT help her.

    If she lied to you and sold you something that was NOT what she claimed it to be, then she DESERVES a negative strike and certainly does not deserve her fees back.

    The reason why scammers, liars and thieves get away with so much, is because many of the people doing business with them, refuse to hold them accountable. This really needs to stop.

  10. ITA.
  11. The nerve! She knowingly sells you a fake and expects you to help her out? No way would I do her bidding. (no pun intended.)