got fake, got a refund, and left a negative..did i do anything wrong?

  1. this is actually quite funny...
    i got a fake item, so after 3 weeks of dealing with the issue, i finally got a refund. Hence i left a negative.
    the seller is winging that i left a negative after a refund was given.. isnt this the normal procedure?
    i just find it funny how they get so upset over a negative feedback when they were trying to fool innocent ppl by selling a fake item.....
  2. Sure is to warn others, you did the right thing.
  3. If the seller didn't know it was fake (occasionally happens I think), and promptly refunded, it might be harsh. Otherwise, it was good to warn others.
  4. I think you did the right thing. If a seller is unsure of her item, she should have it authenticated first rather than list it as the real deal.
  5. Agree with lulilu. I received a fake bag and the seller was very pleasant, and refunded promptly. She even gave me the name of the eBay seller it was purchased from, who had guaranteed all her sales. My seller was able to also get a refund on the item after I returned it to her, so it worked out for both of us. I would NEVER give a negative in that instance. Only if a seller gave me a hard time on a refund. Sometimes things done out of spite are not the best choices.
  6. ITA. On the other hand, if I thought the seller knew and was intentionally selling fakes, I'd leave a negative.
  7. I think you did the right thing too. I myself am dealing with a fake situation that has been going on for over two months now. Got a fake bag after waiting for about 3 weeks, sent it back within 5 days due to it being fake, got an answer saying she would refund. STILL waiting for my $$$$. If I don't have it soon, I am going to be beyond livid. Needless to say I am for sure leaving negative feedback! Sorry to vent but it sucks, and I know others feel the exact same way.
  8. if the seller knew they were selling fakes than you did the right thing by leaving a neg:tup:
  9. I'm in the middle of Fake Bag Refund Hell.

    IDEA, I did this. Leave a negative feedback which the Seller will be livid at. Her eBay rating will go down, and if she tries to sell in the future - people will be aware.

    HOWEVER, if you get a refund - send a mutual retraction request. I assure you, the Seller will jump on it and mutually agree to have her negative feedback removed.

    THE UP SIDE is that now that scores are back to normal, your comments still remain - so people will know, even though you hopefully worked it out.
  10. I think you did absolutely the right thing - no tricks or self-interest, you warned the Ebay community about a dubious seller and should be commended!
  11. Thanks everyone:smile:

    i just received an email from ebay about mutual agreement
    it says
    The seller, fashionwishl**t tells us you have mutually agreed not to complete the transaction (e.g. because you returned or are returning the item for a refund or because there was a misunderstanding) and has requested a credit for their eBay fees.

    if i agree to this, does the negative feedback i left to the seller change into netural feedback?..
    in this kind of situation, am i ment to agree not to complete transaction ( although the bag was returned, it was returned due to it being fake)
    I dont really want to change the feedback , since the seller was absolutely rude and has made insult to me and the forum about this issue...:cursing:
    any suggestions would be grately appreciated
  12. ^^^ That is just so she can recieve her fees back from ebay, you can just agree to that one.

    I agree with minimouse, if you don't know for sure.....don't sell it!

    You did nothing wrong it is your right to post whatever FB you see fit.
  13. you cannot be afraid to get a neg in return. It is going to happen eventually, you cannot make everyone happy. I am a strong believer in making it known to the other honest ebayers who is selling fake bags! Regardless if they know it or not. It is our job as sellers to make sure the bags we sell are authentic. I cannot feel bad for the newer sellers, a lesson needs to be learned there! Not only is it unfair to buyers, but it is illegal!!!
  14. You did the right thing! If someone is selling fakes, buyers should warn others.

    Good for you, glad it all worked out for you and you got your refund!
  15. I wouldn't worry about this. I allowed a seller to do this to get their fees back when there was a huge mistake in the listing. You will still be able to leave FB.

    I would leave a negative or neutral FB and note that there was a fake but the seller refunded your money. I think the difference would be whether you believe the seller knew it was a fake and whether they were a major seller or bags rather than just selling 1 or 2 from their collection. I am all for getting these fake sellers down on Ebay so personally I would be harsher on them.