Got Fake Bag Today On Ebay-beware!!

  1. Received fake bag today from seller runwayfashioncorp :cursing: Thanks to this forum and atelier was able to identify.:p Sent seller "nice" email. As yet,no response. Fortunately was on a credit card. What do I do next:confused1:
  2. File a "Significantly Not As Described" w/ eBay and Paypal immediately.
  3. Thanks! Will do.
  4. Altho I have a fake item,eBay won't let me report it yet because it hasn't been 10 days since the listing ended! CRAZY!! What now??
  5. Call your bank and file a dispute. You may need documentation, though, to prove that the merchandise was defective. They may also ask you to send back the bag, but don't do anything until they tell you to.
  6. OK. Thanks!
  7. You should probably file a claim with paypal first. Log into you paypal account and file a dispute on this item, you can do this without having to wait 10 days.
    If you don't get anywhere with paypal then I would suggest notifying your banking institution.
  8. An update. Filed with paypal yesterday. Got protest from seller today saying the bag is authentic,confirmed by his bag expert. O-rings have openings. Extra tassles are tightly coiled in plastic. Zippers really hard to use. The zippers are brass colored,the hardware silver. Last Letter C, spring/summer 2004. Coloris brown/maroon. No such color as far as I can find. Tassles are stiff,and it doesn't appear to be chevre. :hysteric: HELP!! Don't know what to do next!
  9. Well, the tassles obviously are not meant to be coiled, the O-rings should be welded shut, maybe "marron" and not "maroon" is what the seller meant but that's still not right from the description you're giving. It's pretty obvious without even seeing it that it's fake. Just stick to your guns and continue with the claim. You will have to send the bag back to the seller and when they receive it, Paypal will release your money back to you (if all goes well). The seller may even honestly think it's authentic (duped by this "bag expert") but it's no matter, since all you need is to make sure your funds are frozen and the seller can't withdraw or spend them. Paypal will inform you as to what to do next. Good luck!
  10. I think that if we receive fake bags from sellers we should leave neg/neut feedback no matter how they give us the refund, just to warn other people...
    they could relist the item again in a week or so :sad:
  11. Thanks stylefly for the advice. I paid witha credit card so they already have the money. However,I have not yet paid the credit card bill. Yesterday, seller said they would take the bag back (still insisting authentic), But with 15% restocking fee. I have since asked for the address to return for full refund and NO restocking fees. I have not heard from them since.:cursing: What now?
  12. I agree with you venetiawanter.
  13. They are not allowed to charge a restocking fee. Paypal won't give it to them regardless of whether they say that they charge it or not.
  14. UPDATE! Reported bag to eBay as a possible fraud. Ebay removed the listing and advised me to report it to the internet crime complaint center.:busted Communicated this to seller through paypal dispute. Still no response!
  15. :yes: Absolutely