Got Edith Messenger BUT...

  1. I just got Edith Messenger in Whiskey from NAP. After using the old Edith, Ihought that this messenger can let my hand free. Compared with the old Edith (Fall 06), the leather of this one is not soft. It is rough and dry, with out crumpy look. It can be a different type of leather. The worse thing is that, on the back, it has uneven color (w/ partial black undertone), and some excess color was stuck there. :wtf: It's like they just painted the bag with color, and that is a pretty bad job also. Thinking about returning.
    IMG_6865_1.JPG IMG_6864_1.JPG
  2. I don't mind the colordiffrence that much might be a "vintage"effect but the leather you described sounds awful: "It is rough and dry, with out crumpy look" :yucky:

    I would definately return it and find smth you love and like to touch!
  3. Sounds like this one did not meet any of your expectations, I would return--esp. with the weird patches of color on the back. I also had ordered a whiskey messenger edith from NAP and mine was beautiful. The color was very deep, evenly-toned and vibrant, and the leather, though stiffer in the beginning, has begun to soften after a week's use. I really love my bag and was lucky to get one that met my expectations. I have actually returned an edith hobo in the past (not from NAP) that had uneven slightly blackened patches and streaks of color that really bothered me. Luckily I was able to find the same bag again that had a much better color job and even had softer leather than the first one!
  4. I'd return it if you're not happy with it.

    Was this from US NAP, or UK NAP?
  5. Yeah...I think I will return it. That defect just bugs me every time I look at the bag. Well, its US NAP. Thanks all.