Got dizzy viewing new prices after increase!

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  1. I know everyone knows about the increase already.. I have these bags on my wishlist and now they're worth so much more!!

    Vernis Alma MM -- from 2000 to 2080
    Vernis Bellevue GM -- from 1040 to 1080
    Vernis Bellevue PM -- from 785 to 890 (a whopping $105) is this for real?!?
    Damier Trevi GM -- from 1940 to 2020 ($80!!)

    Wallets and other small leather goods increased by 5-15..

    Sorry.. i just feel so overwhelmed by the increase today.. :sad::sad:
  2. Well, I'm always blue when I see what I want cross over into another digit, KWIM? I know it's not much - ONLY $15.00, but Speedy 30 went from $685 to $700. It's when that first number changes.....:sad:
  3. my wishlist: :crybaby:

    MC Speedy: 2170 to 2240 (^70?)
    Mono Speedy 35: 710 to 725 (not bad, ^15)
    Vernis Pochette Wallet: 665 to 670 (^5)
    MC Speedy Pochette Wallet: 675 to 680 (^5) not bad, but still gettin' close to 700!
  4. The Beauty case with mirror that I'm saving up for went up about $140! :crybaby:
  5. I'm glad I purchased my Trevi GM and Galliera GM last night. :sweatdrop:
  6. :tdown: i know..this is the 3rd time they've done it this year...I have to save extra 60 bucks now for my MC Priscilla ( frm 1650 to $1710:crybaby:)

    I don't even want to see my wishlist no more because of all these price increased:crybaby:...oh man..
  7. I don't understand why LV has so many price increases. I don't think other lines have as many. It's so depressing (unless it's for a bag you own, of course!).
  8. I noticed that the US price for the Trevi PM went from $1590 to $1650
  9. I know it seems bad, but it really isn't. There have been steeper increases in the past. Prior increases have been across the board; this time some prices were left alone. Also a lot of the wallets did not go up by much; increases before have left wallets $20-$50 more expensive. It's just a matter of getting used to the new prices.
  10. #10 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    I keep track of my bag prices from what I paid vs. the current price. This price increase pushed many items to the unaffordable level. The lurex shawl for example, increased a total of $100 from 1 year ago from $435 to $535, or 23%, with all the price increases this year. I think LV is going crazy with the increases. :sad:
  11. is the galleria you not have the pm...what are your thoughts on much did the galleria go up by???
  12. The brown leopard print ss stole went up $50.00 from 675 to 725. That's crazy!
    Glad I got mine pre increase or else I would have been sooo upset!
  13. mc speedy, 2240...more than 100 dollar increase per year, i'll never get this baby new :crybaby:
  14. ^isn't it SO sad though??!!!!! just wait til it goes to $4,000 in a couple yrs maybe. :sad:
  15. when will the price increases stop. Seriously the way things are going it won't be toooo long before the mono speedy 30 hits $1000.